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Legendary fashion & music icon, Paris Hilton, drops new single with LODATO and everyone is going crazy over the song cover!!


Paris Hilton has been THE fashion icon for over a decade… remember when Paris and Kim Kardashian walked the streets of California with the iconic Louis Vuitton purses? Let’s be real… who DOESN’T remember that? Well the iconic duo is at it once again. Kim Kardashian’s clothing line “Skims” released their newest collection and brought back the iconic 2000’s Velour Tracksuits. The collection features campaign photos with none other than Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton reenacting the legendary photos with the same louis Vuitton bags and everyone is going CRAZY over it. (Paris & Kim post) (Kim & Paris skims campaign igtv) (Paris & Kim “what’s in my bag” video)

Paris has always been a major, if not THE fashion icon of this generation. Her style has had a huge impact on trends throughout the years & still does today. Aside from her outfits always looking perfect whether it be a sweatsuit or a luxury gown, can we just take a second to admire how naturally gorgeous she is?!

Paris has everyone losing their minds over the “cover art” for her brand-new single “I Blame You” with LODATO. Paris makes the risky topless pose look elegant and classy. Then when you listen to the actual song… I can arguably say that it’s her best song to date! I have never seen this side of Paris & I am totally here for it! Check it out for yourself: SmartLink To All Platforms:   

LODATO came out of nowhere this year! Like always, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on all the tea and information you asked for. LODATO has exploded onto the music scene and I feel like we have not seen this kind of blueprint for a producer/DJ since “DJ AM”! He is from Queens, New York and perhaps that has influenced some of his taste in fashion. In the music video of his last #1 Charting single (LODATO – “GOOD”), we can see him effortlessly sporting a leather jacket from “Boda Skins”, black ripped jeans by “Guess” and sneakers from “Giuseppe Zanotti”.

Jacket from:

Jeans from:   

Sneakers from: 



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