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Fadetheblackk is soon set to release ‘Reality’ Single

Fadetheblackk takes the next step in his blossoming career by releasing Reality, a single that displays his growth since releasing his comeback debut single, Cold World, in 2019. A lot has happened in Fade’s life since then; the artist has teamed up with Ochoo Records on a joint venture working with upcoming latin artist Mr. Chif and Alla Alibaba, as well as many more up and coming artist in the industry.
With REALITY, after listening to a snippet of the track it’s clear these major moments haven’t sidetracked Fade from focusing on his craft, with records like “Visions” and “Systematic” delivering some of his best material yet. The latter cut finds Fadetheblackk standing out from today’s mainstream artist, and it’s a soulful connection we hope these two continue in the future. 
Stream Fadetheblackk below:

Also visit Fadetheblackk’s official website for upcoming show dates.

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