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BeeRemote aims to help every company adapt easily to remote working

Remote work is not a new trend, it has been rapidly picking up in the last decade. Covid-19 only forced even the most traditional companies to operate in a remote manner and it didn’t take them long to realize the benefits of distributed & remote teams.

In recent years many surveys indicated remote work is the most sought after perk or benefit by millennials.

BeeRemote aims to help all companies adopt remote work and in the right way by connecting their remote teams to hundreds of co-working spaces all over the world.

The revolutionary new perk help to retain top talent while ensuring employees are properly equipped with the resources needed to complete their work.

About providing such a solution for companies, Gabriel Nimrod, Co-Founder and CEO of BeeRemote said in a statement, “The world is experiencing the telecommuting revolution. It will affect both personal life and business behavior. Millions of people around the globe will learn how to work remotely. Companies will adapt to the new reality and will be challenged to maintain goals and efficiency while letting employees work remotely. We believe that BeeRemote will enable employees to balance their professional and personal goals while keeping high productivity.”

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