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Beautiful Music Empire CEO Jaye Bullo is Independently Making An Impact In The Music Industry

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, North Carolina’s rising star Jaye Bullo (real name Joel Bullock) has managed to thrive beyond local and regional success. His second studio album “God Forgive Me, Vol. 2” peaked at No. 15 on iTunes US album chart and has generated millions of streams with no major label support.

As the second installment, GFM2 creates a near-perfect sequel that revisits the magic of its predecessor while cinematically crafting its own distinctive identity. It may be his most well executed and cohesive project to date. Perhaps the most impressive part of the album is the extensive and opulent production. The bulk of the album was produced by Jaye himself alongside Deltah Beats, and his in-house production collective known as the Beautiful Music Mafia. 

Hailing from Durham, NC; Jaye, 26 years old, released a string of mixtapes from 2010 til 2015 building an internet buzz leading up to his debut studio album “God Forgive Me” in 2018; Surpassing 2 million global streams combined across all streaming platforms. A number of major Hip-Hop blog sites lead many listeners to Jaye’s music, further expanding his reach. 

Forming in January 2019, Beautiful Music Empire has risen in power. Jaye invested deeply and carefully curated an impressive roster of producers & engineers, envisioning to become one of the most important independent labels in the urban genre. Beautiful Music Empire isn’t aiming to be a niche local operation, but a nimble national one; an independent venture with the power and reach of a major. Beautiful Music’s ambitions lie beyond the southern region in hopes of building sustainable careers, not just viral moments in the streaming era. While acting as chief executive, producer, and artist, Jaye is drawing a road map for other upstart indie labels. 

BME operates as a full-service entertainment company with many sectors, working in every aspect of modern entertainment with recording artists, producers, songwriters, film-makers, music video production, audio engineering, strategic brand management & beyond. With plans to also manage, build, & launch the careers of other indie artists. Jaye is tasked with leading and developing the company’s many verticals, overseeing & executive producing future projects, music management, cultivating partnerships to expand the Beautiful Music brand, philanthropy, & film development among other diversified ventures. 

In recent years there’s been a rise of North Carolina stars such as J. Cole, Rapsody, DaBaby, YBN Cordae, & Stunna 4 Vegas. There’s a budding Hip Hop renaissance taking place in the Carolinas and it has become evident within the last ten months, Jaye has become a budding prospect suddenly emerging from this boom. 

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