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Tigershape: How Electrostimulation is Helping You Win the Fight Against Bad Fat

There’s nothing wrong with working out to feel good, but let’s be honest: most people do it because they want to look good, too. Some want to shed their lumps and bumps and sculpt a lean, sexy shape. Others want to bulk up and see their muscle definition through their shirt. Whatever your body goals, electrostimulation (EMS) by Tigershape is proving to be a powerfully effective way to maximize your workouts and get rid of stubborn fat.

Here’s what science tells us about EMS and how it’s helping to banish fat for good.

What is Electrostimulation?

EMS uses small electrodes placed on the skin to create electrical impulses that work your muscles. It stimulates the motor neurons without firing up your central nervous system. You get the benefit of muscle contractions without being physically active, and your body doesn’t know the difference.

EMS technology isn’t new, per se, but its benefits in fighting fat and sculpting muscles are still being explored. One study concluded that EMS offers a promising alternative to conventional strength training, while another study found that EMS had a significant impact on the reduction of belly fat without changing diets or exercise routines.

More research is always welcome, but the results so far indicate that EMS can play a significant role in fighting fat.

Benefits of Using EMS for Fitness

EMS devices come in a variety of sizes, from small handheld units up to total body configurations. Whole body EMS from Tigershape stands to pack the toughest punch because you can work out more of your body simultaneously.

This offers a number of benefits:

First and foremost, when you can work out more of your body, you can spend less time working out without sacrificing the results. The intensity and quality of your workout increases, which could help you start seeing results sooner.

The other clear advantage is that you can use EMS in the comfort of your own home. No more wasting hours at the gym, and no more risk of potentially injuring yourself when lifting weights or doing repetitive motions. EMS can be used anywhere at any time, and because it’s low impact, you’re preserving your joints. What’s more, you can also work out your muscles evenly and achieve a healthy balance.

When using EMS, fat becomes fuel. Your body can keep more of its resources that it typically loses during a workout while gaining all of the benefits of muscle contractions for toning, growth, and fat loss.

Tigershape is Bringing EMS to All

Whole body EMS training is trending hot, and for good reason: it’s a highly impactful, effective tool that supercharges your workout and gives you more with every muscle contraction.

Tigershape is the leading EMS device around the world and they’re empowering every body to fight back against fat. Their devices are recommended and approved by scientists, plus they ship free and also come with a free nutrition and home exercise guide so you can get the most from every session. Thousands of people worldwide are using Tigershape to win the battle of the fat bulge.

Get in shape at home on your schedule, on your terms, and start making real progress toward a better-looking body.

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