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BarterUnit LLC, an American Community Currency System Aims to Tackle Poverty and Empower the Economically Marginalized.

Phillip H. Perez Founder & CEO of BarterUnit LLC and Timothy White President of the establishment has developed a digital community currency – called the Barter Unit. The Barter Unit is designed to be the closest digital equivalent to physical cash without bureaucratic constraints. The new economic experiment is expected to combat a broken and disproportionate economy and empower the economically marginalized by creating and distributing an alternative digital currency.

The company’s goal is to independently tackle poverty and counter the inefficiencies, inequalities and corruption that are embedded in our existing monetary system,” says Perez.

We believe that people have a basic human right to share in the money supply. Our goal is to indiscriminately provide people an alternative digital currency to help meet their basic needs and aspirations that are unfortunately unmet by existing government-sponsored currencies. Our system is specifically designed to take into account the interests of the people and provides them opportunity to be economically relevant,” says White.

The Barter Unit is designed to complement and run parallel with all national currencies. It represents and encourages economic equality, freedom and security. It’s an optional alternative purchasing power currency, designed to stimulate local sustainable economic growth and development through the process of social economic collaboration.

Perez and White are both headstrong entrepreneurs, determined to make transformational financial structural changes for marginalized communities – worldwide. The BarterUnit mobile application is available one the Apple and GooglePlay stores.

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