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The most beautiful sites in the World

This article takes stock of the most beautiful sites in the world according to The Los Angeles Tribune.

  1. Kernel Developpement – France


At the top of the ranking, we find the French firm Kernel specializing in the development of websites and mobile applications. Kernel offers its visitors a magnificent, dynamic, fluid, and very well organized site. The “one page” design offers the Internet user a good reading experience allowing him to discover the site with ease. The colours chosen with care and harmony send a message of luxury, and let the reader know that they are dealing with high-end products. When browsing the home page, visitors discover Kernel’s principles in their customer relationship, as well as its virtues. Kernel’s site incorporates rich textual content that clearly delineates and introduces its scope. The textual description is supported by beautiful images and illustrations covering past achievements, synonymous with the success of the said firm. In addition, the textual content is well chosen and establishes good communication with the reader, highlighting the strengths of such a start-up, which puts it in pole position in our ranking. On the other hand, we would have liked to see a video clip on the home page that reinforces Kernel’s communication policy. Indeed, the video will give more dynamism to the site and make the best use of the space allocated on the site. In addition, the fact of introducing a new testimonials section will only consolidate the credibility of Kernel, through the feedback from its customers attesting to its performance and commitment.

  1. SimplyChocolate – Denmark


In second place in the ranking, we find SimplyChocolate, the Danish brand specializing in the production of chocolate. At first glance, we notice that the design of the site is truly stunning. The managers of SimplyChocolate wanted to stand out with a very attractive site in terms of colours or organization. During his visit, the Internet user will quickly notice that he is in a new trend for a website: the sections are presented vertically, with an electrifying marriage between the colours. This distinction of sites marks the reader’s mind by conveying the message that they are on an extraordinary site, that they are captive of an attractive, high-resolution image that sends them several messages. The choice of colour is adequate and justified, since the site in question promotes a delicacy chocolate. Whatever the reader’s taste, he will find what he is looking for through the list of products displayed methodically. Text also supports embedded media content in a fun descriptive style that provides insight into each product. In return, the site sometimes shows a density of multimedia content, in particular for the advertising banners on the main page, which considerably increases the loading time of the pages. In addition, the firm will be able to offer its content in other languages, in order to gain more visibility on the net, among Internet users around the world.

  1. Kitelement – Czech republic


For third place, we have the Czech site Kitelment specializing in the sale of backpacks. The site is no exception to the “one page” style rule, which gives it good readability and a good user experience. Prices, offers and colours are well presented, with legible and promotional text par excellence. The reader may be inclined to buy, as the style is too captivating. The images are professional and of very good quality, showing the smallest details of the product and enticing the user to make the purchase. The words of the text are chosen with care and thoroughness, revealing the finesse of the product as well as its strengths. The tests presented on the site about the different use cases of the product give the brand more credibility as to the qualities of the product. We would also have liked to find some references on the standards that were used to validate this product (materials used, safety, etc.). In addition, the absence of a testimonial column is clearly noted, especially as readers would like to hear and learn from the experiences of other Internet users.

  1. 7h34 – France


The 7:34 am creative studio occupies the fourth position. In fact, a design studio aims to translate the desires of its customers into works encapsulating all aesthetics and the right way. Colour matching or furniture matching is their quintessential business. The reader will greatly appreciate seeing other accomplishments made by said agency, which gives them insight into the level of finesse and mastery that they can benefit from in the event of a possible collaboration. The descriptive textual volume is minimal but it conveys the desired message. The names of the team members are quoted on each job carried out, to testify to great confidence, reliability and professionalism. The images are of very good quality and carefully chosen to show the smallest details of each job. However, the site is not exactly easy to navigate and navigate for an ordinary internet user, it takes a little effort and developer reflexes to get to the corners of this site to be sure that you are browsing it properly. In addition, the absence of a legend or a site map makes the task of its journey quite complex. More texts that are descriptive are really expected to better explain the achievements, contributions and technicalities deployed on each project, without leaving the reader lost on personal interpretations.

  1. Kuon – Japan


The fifth place is dedicated to the Japanese site Kuon. The name of the site is that of its owner Kuon Yagi, who identifies himself as a web designer and a markup engineer. The site’s graphic charter is very harmonious, suggesting: confidence, class and safety … The association of colors sends a message to the reader that he is in a professional space, where every detail counts. Really, that is not strange, considering that, we are on a web designer’s website. On the home page, we can clearly see that the owner of the site has put a label, which proves a distinction he has had attesting to the good quality of his site and his competence in general. Kuon Yagi proudly displays his achievements with the aim of giving Internet users an idea of the level of satisfaction he can guarantee when it comes to website design and development. The Kuon Yagi presentation page is written in Japanese, which in itself is a handicap, as the natural language barrier can confuse the reader if they have to stay on the page or resort to an automatic translator. The Internet user may also encounter this same problem in the description of the achievements, some passages are written in Japanese. To work around this problem, the site owner can offer a translation of the content at the user’s request, in order to reach the maximum audience.

  1. Pollen – United Kingdom


In sixth place, we always stay in the context of web development and design with the Pollen agency. On the home page, you are immersed directly in a “one page” style look. The styling is a lot of fun but the choice of colours is not very adequate. The colours chosen throughout the site are bland and lack a lot of liveliness: you do not feel like you are on a website from a web design and development agency. The site uses very good quality images, which attest to its wide range of achievement around the world. These images are enveloped by simple, readable and captivating descriptive texts. The site also emphasizes his manhood when it comes to running a marketing campaign, although there are many limitations when it comes to the presentation of the images in terms of their stunning orientations. In this kind of presentation, Internet users like to see testimonials from real Pollen customers. The images of the sites produced are not as convincing as a direct testimony with real names and concrete links. It requires a makeover for the site and incorporating warm and dynamic colours that manage to capture the attention of Internet users. Even the use of a video capsule is still required to refresh the site and give it tone.

  1. Xavier Cusso – Spain

(Link: )

With the seventh place, we are in the land of Corrida, in Spain with the site of Xavier Cusso who presents himself as an art designer. Although the site’s welcome is very nice to look at, it must be recognized that it takes a huge load time. Xavier Cusso lists his works in an independent section with good quality images, without descriptive text. The assortment of colours is successful and it sends a message on several axes: energy, excitement, passion. Using red on your website is a great way to get visitors to take action. We find some very big brands, which have trusted in the competence of Xavier Cusso, we mention Lotto, Adidas and H2O. The big names subtly mentioned by the site’s author give it a lot of credibility and boost its image among visitors. The “About” page is very well placed to forge a relationship of friendliness and trust with visitors, the image of Xavier communicates a great deal of control and instills a feeling of complicity with his potential customers.

  1. Johnny Valentine – USA


This is an American site in eighth place; this is that of a professional photographer. The site does not have neat and clear sections; it is just a succession of high-resolution photos relating to several contexts. The images attest to a good mastery on the part of the photographer, given the techniques used, the brightness and the shooting angles. The images presented really constitute a collection of works of art. However, on the ergonomic side, the site is difficult to handle and does not allow smooth navigation. In this regard, we must review several conceptual points on the UX registry so that the user is more comfortable when discovering this site. We also notice the absence of an autobiography of the photographer, a common approach for this kind of sites, because all the attention is given to the star, the number 1 actor, the one who gives real added value, through expertise.

  1. Headery – USA


The site is a lot of fun and presents an innovative idea. The ninth place is occupied by the Headery site, a site surely pleasing to amateurs of plants, plant extracts, and any herbal product. On the reception, the brand displays two flagship products so much in demand in our daily lives: two essential oils to boost the start of your day, while the second is supposed to help you improve the quality of your sleep. The colours chosen adhere perfectly to the context approached: natural products and a return to Mother Nature … What could be more beautiful than a combination of colours that gives you ease and confidence. On all pages, the reader perceives only the softness of the association of yellow, grey and light blue. The text chosen rhymes around a context that reconciles you with your daily life with the magical powers of two essential oils concocted and made with care. The text encourages you to buy subtly, and this by highlighting all the virtues of the oils offered. The site lacks a bit of animation, whether it is with banners, video clips or panels telling real stories. The animations will provide the site with more dynamics to improve users’ browsing experiences. Statistics say that the purchase can be decided within the first seconds of a user landing on a given site.

  1. ETQ – Netherlands


In tenth place, the Dutch site ETQ. This is an e-commerce site, dedicated to the sale of sneakers and all the accessories that go with them. Since the site is dedicated to fashion products, then it presents attractive and good quality images. The site is intuitive, classic and easy to navigate. The brand provides an overview of its history and the origin of the idea behind the initiation of the project. Despite its user-friendly interfaces, the site lacks dynamism and liveliness in the choice of colors, although this may induce a certain monotony during the browsing experience. In addition, an overview of the materials used for manufacturing will involve the user who feels more familiar with the brand and its production mores. A small section of testimonials, with shooting will be well appreciated and reinforces the sense of sharing of this success story. The presentation of sneaker models in 3D will be a great and captivating idea, on the one hand, it will encourage visitors to discover more models, and on the other hand, it will retain them since each virtual visit will have more chance of converting into a concrete purchase.

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