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That tattoo is lit! a new trend is taking over the Ink world

Tattoos have long been a cultural phenomenon and created a fascinating art of self-expression all around the world. Yet this art is limited to the physical world to behold. The online digital and social media have allowed for these pieces of body art to come alive with a new light. 

Visual artists and graphic designers are teaming up with tattoo artists to ignite neon lights and fiery lines decorating and complimenting the everlasting form of art. More often than not, these visual aesthetics are accompanied by music that correlates the work, breathing new life and dimension to these tattoo and ink work.

Some of these artists can be found on Instagram showcasing their custom made work for tattoo artists’ demand.

We asked @nimnimrodrod if his tattoo work and this is what he told us: “during the COVID-19 pandemic I found myself stuck in quarantine jobless, holding skills in visual graphics and video editing I could have used. It started as a hobby as some artists gave me the inspiration to try it myself, and soon many tattoo artists started addressing me for personal ink lights, it is a lot of fun”

Another artist specializing in neon work is @m.sipakov_official

Based on the artists’ responses, all work is based on an hourly rate and on the size of the visual progress requested. Is online tattoos going to be the next big trend? Only time will tell.

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