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Milian Beatz: A Rare Breed of Artist in Today’s Music Industry

A life of hardships has molded Maximilian Rostopora, also known as Milian Beats, into the man and artist he is today. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Rostopora and his family moved a few times between Kyiv and Los Angeles as he was growing up. A constant in his life, though, was his love for music, which he gained from his multi-instrumentalist father. Maximilian’s life came to a halting screech, however, when his father passed away unexpectedly in 2012.

After his father’s death, Rostopora and his family moved to Los Angeles, and he truly took his musical abilities and hope for a career in the industry into his own hands. “I was constantly on the lookout for other artists to work and create with, but nothing was really happening,” recalls Rostopora. At this point, he began producing under the moniker, Milian Beatz, which he still uses today. “I started making hip-hop beats on Logic and networking at various studios throughout Los Angeles,” states Milian Beatz. “From there, I met many artists that I still work with today and my manager Barry Rosenblum, as well.” As Milian Beatz, Rostopora has only begun to prove what he is capable of, and he is well aware of his potential.

All of the success Rostopora has found himself is credited mostly to himself, as he works as an independent artist. After landing credits on tracks with artists like Lil Cobaine and Skippa da Flippa, Milian Beatz is prepping for a massive year ahead and is always looking for projects to work on. “I don’t take the opportunities I have been given for granted, and I want people to know that I am hungry every single time they hear my tag on a beat.” This dedication is a rare trait in people, and Milian Beatz’s comes from the desire for his listeners to hear the emotions that he is pouring into his production. “I want them to feel my soul, heart, and emotion that I put into the music. I am not even close to where I believe I will go.”

Check out more from Milian Beatz on his Instagram, @milianbeatz

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