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The greatest act of service is the one done for the sake of humanity, and Blanca Gomez is poised to exemplify and execute this maxim. As a selfless, dedicated, and committed US citizen, Blanca only has one mission; to serve the people selflessly on the wings of transparency, integrity, and accountability.

The Victorville City Council member, through years of quality volunteerism and advocacy, is in tune with the needs and demands of the people. It takes a considerable measure of empathy and altruism to voluntarily cater to the needs of marginalized communities, and Blanca has epitomized this to near-perfection.

MEET BLANCA GOMEZ; A Humanitarian with a Difference

Blanca Gomez is a beautiful mother of 3, a longtime resident of High desert, and above everything else; she is a breathing representation of benevolence. She is knowledgeably equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in English composition/Applied Linguistics with an Associate’s Degree from Victor Valley community college along with a Masters degree in public administration and working on her doctoral degree in the same concentration.

For the record, she is employed as an American Sign Language interpreter for the deaf community, a free lance interpreter, and is representing stakeholders, stake seekers and businesses in Víctorville California. Blanca is a passionate advocate for marginalized communities and seeks lasting solutions to community-based problems through collaborations with cognate organizations and individuals with similar passions and values.

In line with her principles and humanitarian ambitions, she has volunteered for different organizations in various capacities such as non-profit organizations, local food banks, local charity groups, legal aid services, St. Mary’s Hospital, University grade panel committees, meals on wheels, the Salvation Army and Today’s Woman Foundation. She is particularly passionate about social support and community health development.

To show for her dedicated service to humanity, Blanca has several merit and accomplishment awards to her name. She has and is still building a philanthropic legacy that is projected to stand the test of time. Additionally, she is a committed member of the California league of cities, whose core objective is to empower local municipalities. She has also dedicated her time and service to praiseworthy public-spirited organizations like Toastmasters, Relay for life, Who’s Who, and CSEA.

For someone who has dedicated a greater part of her life to several humane causes, it stands to reason that her political motivation is entirely humanitarian. 


Accountability is one of the key principles of being a good leader. A good leader that is worth their salt understands the sacred bond of trust between the “leadership position” and the people’s votes. In other words, good leaders know that voters rely on their commitment to delivering on their manifesto, take responsibility for every outcome, and convert efforts into results.

Blanca Gomez perfectly understands and is devoted to accountability. She knows that running for a city has very little to do with her and everything to do with the people. She knows that she will be stepping into the shoes of the voters as their voice, eyes, and ears. Blanca strongly believes that taking up this “position” means taking on the collective role of the people.

So, giving Blanca Gomez a chance equals giving the voters a chance, and electing Blanca Gomez is synonymous with electing the people.

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