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G@k releases his new album “Welcome to Forever”

Rising hip hop star, G@k, drops his new album, showcasing further evolution of his sound and music.

Today G@K, a California-born hip hop artist based in Texas, releases his new album, “Welcome to Forever.” This is the most personal album for the up-and-coming artist and explores topics such as mental health, depression, substance abuse, and personal discovery. “Welcome to Forever” aims to inspire listeners to ‘know yourself’ and answer the question, ‘what is your forever?’.

Through his collection of songs, G@k emphasizes that while it is important to see the world, it is also essential to understand what is eternal and what is just part of your human experience. The line from the album single ‘Welcome to Forever’ summarizes this message aptly: “Know your core [cause] it’s your only world.” Each of the songs in “Welcome to Forever” offers a unique blend of G@k’s thought-provoking lyrics and experimental sound, put together to enforce this theme.

Speaking about the goals of this album, G@K said, “The album is a journey of discovering which habits and traits of mine are innate, and which traits are a result of societal programming. When you can distinguish between the two you can truly decide what patterns you want to keep in your life, and what experiences are inescapable during your human experience.”

G@K combines lyrical mastery, rooted in his own personal experiences, with a unique blend of musical genres. The result is a beautifully crafted symphony of songs, smoothly interweaving together to deliver profound messages that are sure to resonate among listeners. G@k chooses to be vulnerable with his words and storytelling, in hopes of connecting with listeners in a personal and intimate way.

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