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DevOps and AI expert’s collaboration invented a cost-effective social distancing smart device for Covid-19


Mr. SikenderM Mohammad, Vice President at fortune financial sector with a DevOps engineering automation expertise collaborated with Mr. Rahul Reddy Nadikattu, Artificial Intelligence research scholar, came up with an idea to ease the social distancing following safety measures, and invented a device back in July,2020 that has welcomed across the board. After WHO declared the social distancing measures to be followed all over the world due to covid-19 pandemic, there were huge measures that were taken to maintain social distancing from each other for safety. Experts say that the invention brought a light into this pandemic sending accurate alerts with distancing and pandemic symptoms. Mr. Sikender said that the solution is very light weight with a scalable backend using python engineering automation that can capture real time effects and is proven cost effective providing real time automatic results. 

During an interview at the international conference – Experts were asked on how they were able to design such cost-effective devices in short duration which gathered a lot many appreciations in short time. 

Mr. Rahul said that his research work in AI was very helpful in designing such device during such crucial times. He also mentioned that AI technology has been used very well in the device and architected in a way that the solution can be scalable for any pandemics, alerting social distancing measures and also in detecting covid-19 symptoms such as fever, providing real time results to the users bringing safety into the practice. 

Mr. Sikender in the interview told us that his automation DevOps expertise along with his research work contributions made him to design such devices to help the community. He stated that this innovation is not only for covid-19 but also, it’s designed in a way that it can alert for any other pandemics that have body temperature as one of the symptoms, by making minor updates to config. Also, he mentioned that this cost-effective device is going to be upgraded to support automatic major upgrades from android and mac versions in future scope. 

Today, the cost-effective device has become ecofriendly and has been widely accepted across the board. Especially today, Due to the increasing number of covid-19 cases and political situations around, this device can definitely be a potential product that can better serve all the agencies across the board to keep everyone safe and alert. Experts are also working to encode the metadata into an android and mac as applications that can serve with one push notifications over the network.

High Level Abstract:

Spiritual intelligence is the science of human energy management that clarifies and in the era of COVID -19 in which everywhere there is a panic like situation and according to the World Health Organization Social Distancing will be proven to be the only solution. In this research paper, an innovative localization method was proposing to track humans’ position in an outdoor environment based on sensors. With the help of artificial intelligence, this novel smart device is handy for maintaining a social distancing as well as detecting COVID 19 symptom patients and thereby safety. In these COVID-19 environments, where everyone is conscious about their safety, we came up with the idea of this novel device. Most of the time, people on the roadside watched their front but were not able to look after what was going on behind them. The device will alert the person if someone is in the critical range of six feet around him. The method is reasonably accurate and can be very useful in maintaining social distancing. The sensor model used is described, and the expected errors in distance estimates are analyzed and modeled. Finally, the experimental results are presented.

If you want to know more about the device, Reach out to Sikender Mohammad and Rahul Reddy Nadikattu.

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