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Baby Gronk’s real name is Madden San Miguel named after the Madden video game.  I know, I know, he is only 7 years old, but I can see the future. 

Two years ago, he went viral for pulling a truck, and now has over 100,000 Instagram followers, including Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliot, Minnesota Viking running back Dalvin Cook and 49er tight end George Kittle. 

Just go to his Instagram page and see for yourself. Words cannot describe what this kid can do. 

Born near Cowboys Headquarters in Frisco Texas, Madden lives on the football field.

“Helluva athlete, man,” praises former LA Ram and Pro Bowl cornerback Aqib Talib. “I actually coached against him last spring in a spring league. He tore us up.”

Madden stands 4’7″ and weighs 82 pounds.

Once again I will say it again he is 7. 

If you’re wondering if that’s normal or not, it’s super not.

He’s in the 99th percentile for his age group.

When you see him outsize and outrun many of his teammates and opponents, you realize why Madden’s nickname is “Baby Gronk” — an homage to current Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end and New England Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski.

Baby Gronk is a flat out star. Madden’s internet fame landed him in the lap of rapper and business man Boosie. In May, Madden signed to Boosie’s Syndicate Marketing and Sports Management.

“I just signed Baby Gronk,” Boosie said on an Instagram Live. “He run so fast. Baby Gronk a superstar.”

He is everything the LA Rams need in the future and has already done a jersey swap with current LA Ram Bobby Evans, so why not? He has swagger like Jalen Ramsey, size like Aaron Donald, and charisma like Jared Goff.

Hopefully Baby Gronk ends up on the Rams draft board in 15 years and they will pick him in the 1st round.  Either way his story will be fun to watch.  Follow his journey on Instagram: maddensanmiguel


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