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Corporation & Female Retailer form Conspiracy against College Kid?

Danielle Smith started a “character attack” on at Dylan Schwartz from Dylan Universe Comics (NY) on September 9th. This occurred within only hours of  Schwartz’s instagram post about 2 Amazing Fantasy 15s that he insists CGC (Sarasota, FL) damaged during the grading process. Schwartz remarks, “It says on your website you video every comic when it is opened. Show me the video!” Schwartz claims damages of $60k against CGC for their recklessness of the damaged comic books. According to Florida State Law, corporations are indeed responsible for damaged property if they received a payment in exchange for services provided. On the contrary, if you ask a stranger to watch your laptop when you use the restroom and it disappears, the stranger is not legally responsible because they received no payment from you whatsoever. Schwartz claims to have pictures of both books before & after they were sent to CGC. He also alleges to have a sworn affidavit of the conservator who worked on both comic books.  

Schwartz reached out to CGC only after the books were in his possession again. “I didn’t want any monkey business from them.”

CGC’s original resolution was for Dylan to send the books back to them for assessment of the damage “So send the books back and we’ll take a look.” -Matt Nelson (Primary Grader at CGC). Of course, objectively this is a poor solution because CGC holds a conflict of interest in the matter. 

The disagreement between the two parties took a wicked turn after Danielle Smith’s (Filter81 on eBay & 10k+ followers on instagram) made multiple posts in an attempt to attack Schwartz’s credibility. This was the catalyst that created social buzz worldwide on some larger issues at hand. For starters Danielle brought up the character label issue where Schwartz sold some CGC encapsulated comic books on his selling platform DylanAuctions without mentioning the restoration that it said by CGC on the clearly readable labels. While Smith tries to paint Schwartz as dishonest it’s pretty clear he was very forthcoming in his efforts in the sale. He claims to have canceled all sales, and reached out to the buyers explaining what happened quickly after being informed of CGC’s massive error. It also calls attention to the event of CGC making massive errors and having absolutely no idea about it. Schwartz adds, “You’re paying that company about $50 per comic which is pretty hefty for an expert opinion and they can’t even do it right?” 

Furthermore, Danielle’s post mentioning the character labels brings up an important question. Why now? She could have posted it anytime in the past few months since it happened. Why right after Schwartz’s post? It is also worth mentioning that Smith claims in a later post that Dylan is,”bullying and talking down to women, forcing seniors to let him bid in live auctions after they’ve moved on to a new lot..” Consequently, Danielle has not provided evidence of this whatsoever. The timing is strange to say the least. She posts a bunch of negative comments about Schwartz only a few days after his post bashing CGC. 

It is also worth mentioning that the Smith family has a fantastic relationship with CGC which is a key part of their buying and selling operation. If CGC were to lose money, so would the Smith family. Their interests are clearly aligned. The Smith family also lives in Bradenton, FL which is approximately 15 minutes from CGC headquarters via Car. To say the least, Danielle’s loyalty is clearly with CGC at this time. Did Smith post about Dylan of her own accord? Did someone at CGC ask her to discredit Dylan? Why didn’t Danielle post any evidence? We’ll never really know the answers to these crucial questions. Both CGC and Smith declined to comment at this time. This article summarizes the facts of the backstory of the ongoing legal matters of Schwartz v. CGC corp and Schwartz v. Smith.  You can learn about them by following them as updates are published by the state of Florida.

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