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Optimus Toys in Mission Viejo Mall allegedly harassed and belittled a customer for improperly wearing a mask

Yesterday afternoon – at The Shops of Mission Viejo, a man who was wearing a face mask was allegedly confronted by an employee who approached him in an aggressive manner and demanded he put his mask on using a threatening tone . It was at this point where witnesses say the customer, who by all accounts was adhering to the socially distancing protocols, simply began walking away to exit the store when the employee continued making remarks to the man. 

 Face Masks have been a controversial component of life in 2020 and many have concerns over the way in which the policy is being enforced.

“When a customer is leaving a store does the employee have the right to shout, yell, and harass someone? ” one witness asked. “The customer was clearly leaving the store and despite this, you could hear the employee continue to make remarks towards him, it was very unprofessional on the part of the employee to deal with a customer like that. He had the mask on and if it needed to be pulled up more he could have simply asked the customer there was no need to behave that way, especially in a kid’s store. The employee or owner should truly be ashamed of himself. He was an older heavyset man with gray hair, bald, or perhaps severely balding would be the right description.”

This would not be the first time someone claimed something unflattering about optimums toys at the Mission mall. One person on yelp called them “crooks” with this post:

Additionally we found this person who claimed to be a former employee leave a review about the working conditions on indeed:

Optimus Toys has not been reached out for comment. The alleged incident occurred yesterday afternoon.

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