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How Oclef students are still succeeding in piano lessons regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic

When COVID-19 struck, the world changed as we know it. For some, this meant working from home. For others, it meant time lost with friends. Students are one of the biggest groups that have seen a significant change in their day-to-day. Previously, kids could count on their days to be spent at school with friends and enjoying extracurriculars outside of regular school hours. Now, students spend their days online learning in digital classrooms and their extracurriculars have all but been cast aside. That is, however, with exception to some students taking piano lessons at Oclef.

Making Live Music Education Possible

Live music lessons are important for helping students to grow in their understanding and development as musicians. Whether a student is looking to balance their traditional academic work with music courses, or they are well and truly training to be a concert pianist, live instructor feedback matters. With Oclef, students and instructors can connect to engage in live classes from the comfort of their own homes. Oclef starts with simple and basic coursework, pairing students with live instructors and professors where they experience “Piano Every Day”. Consistency is part of the secret sauce that Oclef uses to improve student learning and efficiency.

Allowing Safer Connections Through Online Learning

Online learning is the perfect tool for any kind of education when it comes to providing students with a safe and effective way to grow their minds. With the current risks posed by COVID-19, it is difficult for students to safely connect with instructors. Fortunately, online schools like Oclef allow for students to embrace live piano lessons while safely adhering to social distancing policies.

Providing Innovative Approaches To Music Education

Oclef does not just shine as a safe and manageable way for children to meet with a piano instructor. It also allows for an innovative approach to learning that matches the changes brought on by COVID-19. Many students are currently stuck at home, unable to visit with friends or engage in other activities. This can lead them to feel bored and understimulated. Oclef embraces their motto, “Piano Every Day” which supports daily learning instead of forcing students to wait for the next weekly lesson. With this design, students can learn as quickly or as slowly as they want depending on their needs.

Courses Designed For Any Student At Any Level

Not all students are at a certain level, which is why Oclef has been designed to be welcoming to all. The school is built upon a “Stage” design. They break piano education into 4 stages.

Stage 1: Learn to Read (Pattern Recognition Skills)

Stage 2: Learn to Practice (Problem Solving and Tools)

Stage 3: Learn to Perform (Critical Thinking and Performance)

Stage 4: Learn to be Independent (Pedagogical skills and Portfolio Development)

Students who are just starting can benefit from an education just as easily as students who have been practicing piano for years. It presents the perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill, maintain an old one, and actively supports student growth with instructors and programs that have been designed to grow with them.


For students, COVID-19 brings an unpleasant change to their lives, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot find a new normal. With schools like Oclef, the future of education in the arts is becoming more possible than ever before. We might be in a pandemic, but now students can lean on the therapeutic nature of online piano education to make their days more enjoyable and productive. After the pandemic is over, a new generation of resilient students might very well rise.

Little boy practicing playing digital piano near window on a sunny day. The boy is using headphones and tablet is displaying the musical notes.
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