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Why Lydie Livolsi Is A Top 5 Finalist Of The Los Angeles Based, 2020 WFN “Woman of Distinction Award”

Women Founders Network (WFN) announced that Lydie Livolsi is a top 5 finalist for the 2020 WFN Women of Distinction Award. This is a great honor to receive recognition as a finalist for this inaugural edition of the award. Let us discuss what the WFN Women of Distinction Award means, why Lydie Livolsi was chosen as a finalist for this award and how the award will help Lydie achieve her goal of helping millions of Americans.

What is the WFN Women of Distinction Award?

The “Woman Founder of Distinction Award” is the first WFN mentoring award for female founders created exclusively to be awarded to Black and Latina entrepreneurs. The WFN Board and Judges chose five finalists based on their strength and each finalist’s prospects for growth and business scalability.

Startups led by Black and Latinx women raised only 0.06% and 0.32% respectively out of the $425 billion of the total venture capital in the technology sector between 2009 and 2017. In 2017, only 34 Black women and 58 Latinx women raised more than $1 million of venture capital funding. In light of these challenges combined with the record number of Black and Latinx female-led businesses who applied for the annual WFN Fast Pitch earlier this year, the Women Founders Network has chosen to shine a spotlight on this diversity with a new category of achievement and to reward and offer support for these underrepresented business leaders. 

What’s Next for the 2020 WFN Women of Distinction Award?

The finalists for the 2020 WFN Women of Distinction Award will receive a scholarship to attend the Founders First CDC Accelerator program. This program, founded by Kim Folsom, has the mission of growing and funding small businesses with founders who represent diversity. Award recipients will be able to participate in a Fast Pitch event to be held on November 11th, 2020 before companies like  Springboard Enterprises,  “a Trusted Network of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors accelerating the success of accomplished, entrepreneurial women leaders leading technology-driven companies”, with over $22B value created, 20 exits and 20 IPOs . The award will include a mentorship and financial consultation package, with an in-kind value of $15,000.

Why was Lydie Livolsi Chosen?

Lydie Livolsi is the founder and CEO of My Dental Wig, a company that seeks to address the problem of missing teeth in the USA. Dental implants are not often covered by insurance. They are also expensive and often painful with complications. The size of the problem—over 46 million Americans wear partial or full dentures—and the inability and lack of access of dental insurance or dental savings plans to handle the problem mean that this company has the potential to grow and scale at an amazing rate, provided that the company receives the funding that it needs. My Dental Wig was granted a patent in 2011 and gained clearance from the FDA in 2016. The company hopes to gain $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2020 if the $15 million she is seeking is raised. 

Also contributing to the promise of My Dental Wig is the company’s B2C subscription model of layaway monthly plans Buy Once Smile Forever™  which covers what dental insurance and dental saving premiums do not cover. Single jaw plans for this model are currently being offered for $60 per month. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the company, which was PPE Compliance from Day 1, wearing all single use masks, gloves, aprons, etc. is offering these plans without the typical Smile care products at this moment. The $60/month is for the My Dental Wig product including the trained and background checked Dental Wig Technologist going to customer’s home from the initial dental impressions, to final delivery of the custom-made in the USA Dental Wig, and adjustment if needed. 

My Dental Wig also has a B2B model, which allows Partners to be trained in order to service a particular zip code in the US, provided they pass a background check. This is a great opportunity for those interested in starting a business related to dental technology, as only one school in the entire U.S.—The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas—has been identified as having a four-year Dental Laboratory Technology/Technician program. 

My Dental Wig also offers EB-5 direct investment visas to those abroad who invest the EB-5 investment amount of $900,000 USD required by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) to qualify them for an investment visa. The program guarantees that the 10 full-time jobs will be created from the investment, which is another of the requirements given by the U.S. government for the visa. The visa allows the investor, his or her spouse and all family members under the age of 21 to become lawful permanent residents, also known as “green card,” holders.

Lydie Livolsi herself came to the USA as a French investor. So, she knows first-hand how life-changing it is to come to the USA. She still believes, even despite all the challenges that she has faced, that the USA offers great opportunity and potential for extreme success.

All the various sales models and the EB-5 investment program are all well-positioned to deliver both revenue and foreign investment. With such a vast and untapped market, the potential for My Dental Wig’s profit is limited only by its ability to capitalize on the investment needed to help these millions of Americans. This gives the company an incredible potential for scale. This potential for scale is matched only by Lydie’s desire to help alleviate the issue of missing teeth among these millions of people.

How is WFN Capable of Delivering the Tools Lydie Needs for Successful Takeoff?

The Women Founders Network is an example of empowered women helping to empower other women. The network was founded in 2013 with the goal of expanding the sphere of influence for women entrepreneurs and help propel them to build and scale out their own businesses, has helped alumni raised $100M. WFN supports female entrepreneurs with seminars, panels and networking events. The annual Women Founders Fast Pitch Event offers networking opportunities to bring together these female leaders with advisors, mentors, and investors.

Lydie Livolsi has recently attained visibility for her efforts with her company and this undoubtedly helped her gain recognition by WFN. The scholarship to the Founders First CDC accelerator program will aid Lydie with a curriculum for achieving accelerated growth with hands-on assignments and coaching from experts. 

Some Of My Dental Wig Happy Clients

 David flew from Canada to Los Angles to get his 2 Missing Teeth on his Upper Jaw replaced with My Dental Wig, the # 1 Best Mobile Services available for people with Missing Teeth.  Dave saved $$$$$ 

“Hello, my name is David, I’m a small business owner from Vancouver BC. About a year ago, I discovered that I had a major problem with my jaw; with my upper left jaw, and it had negatively impacted two teeth that were literally broke. They told me that in order to fix it, I would need inserts. In order to put the inserts in, because of the problem in the jaw, they were going to need to do a bone graft, and I was going to have to spend about $12,000.00. Now, as a small business owner, I did not have medical coverage for all of that. So, I thought there must be a better way. Fortunately, I found a Facebook ad, connected me with My Dental Wig. And here I am today! I paid for it right away and nine months later I flew down to LA on my schedule to get my new teeth. I would like to show it to you. This is it, right here, my new Dental Wig to replace the teeth that were in there, considerably less cost.

Now, to put it in, I simply pick it up and click into place, and we are done. Now, I have had it for 40 hours, so you know, this is new.  For the past 40 hours, I have had no pain at all. In fact, I did not even know until now, that I was supposed to take them out to clean my gums. Just the fit is perfect. It is a painless approach; it is really serving me well. I chewed carrots yesterday, just to make sure that the thing works, it works like a charm. If you are thinking about getting a couple of teeth replaced, why pay for implants? Really, look at My Dental Wig, you will find them to be very professional, they came to me, and here I am on the beach, in Huntington Beach, I’m down here for a week, paying the expenses of living beach side, and I’m saving money. It is costing me a whole lot less than my implants and false teeth that way would have been, and I am able to sit and work on my computer from anywhere. You want to make your teeth good, talk to the people at My Dental Wig. Thank you.”

Client Rebecca With Here Dental Wig Did Not Want to Spend $110,000 USD

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am missing some of my teeth. I went to a traditional dentist, I was unwilling to pay the price or take out a loan and then, I was referred to My Dental Wig (by the way, Rebecca was referred to us by her Lawyer) and less than a week, they gave me my confidence back. I can chew (not just to bite), I sleep with them, I use them for every single purpose that you would use traditional teeth for. This is my smile without Dental Wig, and this is my smile with. I am complimented daily that I have a radiant smile. I love my Dental Wig!

Client Isis Blanchette Did not Want Root Canal Dead Teeth

Hi, my name is Isis, I am a Behavior Analyst as my profession, and I am super happy today, because I just got My Dental Wig, and I got my smile back. I am super stocked.

A little bit about my story.  I got two upper teeth removed earlier this year, uh… the dentist wanted to do a root canal on the teeth, and I decided to get them removed instead, number one because the root canal procedure was $3,000 (three thousand dollars) each tooth with a total of over $6,000 (six thousand dollars) just for root canal, and also because I did not want dead teeth in my mouth. So, I was searching for solutions, implants are way too much money, especially for a young professional like myself, so, I was actually walking down my local street, and I saw My Dental Wig, and I was like, I think this is my solution. So, I went to the website, everything was super easy, and straightforward, I made my selection, and the Technician came to my house the next day, and I got my teeth today which was the following week. So, everything was super smooth, and I feel a lot more confident, I can smile again, and I am super thankful, so just go to and place your order, everything is super streamlined and super easy, and I hope your smile with a story like mine was. Thank you.


The inaugural edition of the WFN Women of Distinction Award is an exciting opportunity for women seeking to develop and grow successful businesses. Lydie Livolsi is honored to be a finalist for this award and the increased exposure for her company as well as the tools that Women for Distinction provides will be a great boost to her company. My Dental Wig is one of very few Black-owned tech companies. The recognition by WFN will hopefully put My Dental Wig on the list of Black companies to invest in for those who have a strong commitment to invest in Black-owned business. It is a company that helps all kinds of people improve their self-image and gives them peace of mind in everything they do. Investors of My Dental Wig can also be a part of this great effort to help millions of people and enjoy profit potential and scalable investment growth. Lydie and My Dental Wig are on the runway, ready for takeoff.

If you are an investor interested to invest, take a look in their data room  and their account with  DreamExchange  

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