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The best Australian music export since Flume.

Bringing chilled electro tones in wellness frequencies isn’t as wishy-washy as you might think.

There is quite the science and technical skill behind what DJ/ Producer GEM has called her Sonic Tonics project, available on her YouTube channel. It’s a refreshing and modern take on the New Age genre that was previously reserved for … well, let’s face it, boring drone style music.

With GEM, a member of the prestigious Grammy NEXT program and some serious momentum under her belt, it’s easy to see why this Australian has made Los Angeles her new home.

In the city where dreams are both buoyed and broken, she seems to have planted her feet firmly in success.

GEM is introducing a new hybrid genre and injecting plenty of life and personality as she does it. Only time will tell how more traditional box ticking audiences will react to her cutting-edge approach but GEM believes this could truly be the future.

Mixes for the new moon and following the lunar calendar for inspiration are just some of the concepts offered by the producer. What if producers were the modern-day Shaman, she asks? It is an interesting thought. Infusing wellness and health qualities into your daily listening, thus tapping into one of the fastest growing industries in the world, might just be the intelligent move music makers need to survive.

Her new single, IF I’M HONEST is set in the key of B, which is widely recognised to align most closely with the Crown Chakra, linked with deep realisations and surrendering control. This is gently echoed through the lyrics as GEM shines in this retro-electro track. The song washes over you in a smooth and subtle way, effortlessly cool and no doubt destined for a major playlist spot.

With covid-19 playing such havoc on the live music scene, it’s nice to see an emerging act taking this time and reframing it into a valid solution for engaging fans and genuine growth.

GEM was named the number 2 female producer in the world by Showbiz magazine, after America’s own Linda Perry graced the number 1 spot. We will keep a close eye on this young Aussie as she climbs the illustrious Hollywood Hills ladder

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