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Meet “HURRI”-CANE Reeves! Imagine being six years old and having over 12,000 Instagram followers. Well, HURRI-CANE does, and many of his followers are famous and range from NFL players, UFC fighters and college football players to four- and five-star high school national football recruits. Recently, the Tennessee Titans NFL first round pick Isaiah Wilson followed “HURRI”-CANE. It is all because of his performance on the football field, relentless work ethic, and the videos that went viral from his Instagram page. The football results are all in his genes. He has a long lineage of athletes in his family. Both parents were D1 athletes, Dad played rugby and football, and his mom played soccer. Both his grandads played college football, one had a free agent tryout with the Dallas Cowboys and the other grandpa played in the Little League World Series and was a MLB draft pick, but he chose to play football at Georgia Tech where he was a three-year starter. HURRI-CANE wants to be just like his family one day, so he trains religiously at D1 Training in Allen Texas, a fitness facility dedicated to building athletes, with one of his three sisters, all of whom are outstanding softball players.

Cane has played football and trained since he was four years old. He told his dad at a young age he wanted to play college football, so his dad took him to train with former NFL WR Chris Givens. Cane was the youngest athlete Chris had ever trained and after the first session Chris turned to Cane’s dad and said, “Your son is different.” Chris was blown away. Cane learned at a young age to work hard. His mentor, current trainer, and former college running back, Bee Jay Mathis, pushes him every day at D1 Allen to get better. Cane wants to be just like his favorite football player, Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. As a matter of fact, he resembles him so many people also call HURRI-CANE little CMC after McCaffrey.

This past summer Cane was recruited to play in the same select league that NFL QB and Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray played in. His team is Lightning Elite.

This January HURRI-CANE is going to put those skills to the test. He is traveling from Texas to the City of Angels with his Hollywood good looks, unmatched work ethic, and his elite athletic skills to attend the legendary Laced Facts Football Camp in Carson California , which is an invite only skills camp that brings the top youth football players in the country ages 7-12  to one location to compete. They liked his skills so much that he got an invite even though he is only 6. They found him when one of his videos went viral on Instagram.

This kid has star written all over him and he loves the attention.

“What’s fun, HURRI-CANE said, is the free stuff I get in the mail from companies that want me to use their products and post on Instagram. I have gotten everything from clothes, to alkaline water, to football accessories, to even autograph requests from other kids.”

Ultimately, he loves when people scream his name HURRI-CANE after he makes a good play. Some people recognize him from Instagram, and he takes pictures with them.

In the future we might start calling him Hollywood HURRI-CANE.

“One day I plan to play college football, but I am also good at baseball, so you never know! I dream about crowds screaming and chanting Hurricane, Hurricane!”

Hollywood may have different plans for this young star. HURRI-CANE already has a modeling representation and that All-American look. He is comfortable in front of the camera and has a loyal fan base. After all, said and done, LA may adopt him. He may cancel his return flight back to Texas. This city will try and hold onto to someone with his talent.

If you see HURRI-CANE in LA this coming January walking down Hollywood Blvd, take a picture with him and he will shout you out on Instagram. The kid is a big deal, and you better get an autograph now before he gets more famous. Follow his journey and watch him grind to greatness. Check out his IG page @hurri_cane_reeves2 

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