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Interview With Stay In The Big Host Warner Trejo

Entrepreneurship is not always an easy task to take on. With the weight of the business one can find it overwhelming at times. Therefore, where do business owners and creative individuals go when they need to find the answers for the problems they face?

With so many resources that are readily available and free, it becomes all too simple to get lost in the waves of information. When we found Stay In The Big, it was apparent that the show centered around genuine people who have been through the ringer and are now helping others.

We interviewed the Founder of Stay In The Big, Warner Trejo and asked him for his advice on helping entrepreneurs who are looking for creative insight.

Q) What mistakes do business owners make that hold them back?

The biggest mistake you can make as a business owner is attach emotion to your results. Results are not a product of how we feel but of what our activity is. Oftentimes removing emotion and ego will allow you to focus on the activity. A massive part of growth in business is allowing yourself to be coachable and receive proper feedback. Detaching ego from accountability has been a huge part of my growth.

Q) What is your number one rule in business?

NEVER LIE. Lying takes up too much energy and time. Even if it’s lying to yourself. It’s okay to say: “I don’t know” or “I can find out”. Being honest with yourself and in business allows freedom. Freedom to grow and learn.

Q) How can people connect with new potential clients during COVID

I don’t believe there is one right way of connecting with potential clients but something that has worked for me consistently has been social media. The beauty of social media is the amount of people you have access to and it’s FREE!!! Build relationships with others, whether it’s through making, or sending DM’s. Genuinely help someone, build relationships and the opportunities will follow

Q) How have you needed to adapt during these times to keep your business prospering?

Adapt or Die. My mentor always reminds me: “if you’re not growing you are dying” – Put your ego aside and let yourself learn this new way of doing business. Zoom works, Instagram works, Facebook Works. LEVEL UP. We live in a world where your presence online is a new business card. Use these forums available to scale your reach and your business.

Q) What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs trying to figure out what their next steps are?

Look at your career like dating. Not every person you date you’ll marry OR like. If it doesn’t work move on. Try new things, and allow yourself to FAIL because in these moments is where you will grow. I have a 90 day rule.. Give yourself 90days to try something out. If at the end of those 90 days you feel it isn’t for you at least you gave it a try. “Live a life filled with failures rather than one filled with regret” – Lucille Ball

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