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Growing Entrepreneur ‘Big Smokey’ Shares His Story and Future Plans for Success

Loud Packs Jay – otherwise known as Big Smokey – follows a wildly diverse path in life. From being the host of Hightimes Magazine to becoming the owner and founder of one of the biggest urban clothing lines in California, Loud Packs Clothing, Big Smokey has done it all. He has created a huge name for himself by working across the globe through music festivals and growing a booming social media presence. Focusing on the success and growth of his cannabis business, he pushes to make his name one of the biggest labels in the music industry.

Born in Maine but raised in California, Big Smokey’s reign to fame was followed through by his major role as an influencer. With names such as Nelly, 50 Cent, Damien Marley, and Snoop Dogg to back his work, he took over the urban culture of northern California. Big Smokey’s success has been found between the middle of the music industry as well as the cannabis industry, creating top-charting cannabis business and services to not only those involved in the music scene but to anyone at all. 

Throughout all of his hard work, Big Smokey is a true family man. It remains his most driving force behind his work and the most rewarding and inspiring part of his life. He claims he would not be where he is without his family. Working day and night, he holds family first in hopes of retiring at 33 and spending his time with his three kids. Currently, he coaches his son’s sports teams and spends his free time traveling with his family. Through the love from his fans and his family, Big Smokey reaps the rewards of his hard work and dedication to his everlasting dreams of being a success.

Big Smokey, while still chasing success to this day and building his cannabis dynasty, shows what hard work and the hunger for more can do. Through countless hours of work, his status, and success, he provides a striking example of dedication. Juggling family, fame, success, and business is a difficult task, and Big Smokey shows what is important in life and how important keeping perspective is. The list of his accomplishments is long and well-nourished; however, at heart, he’s humble and always ready for the next opportunity for growth and success.

You can find his Instagram here and shop his clothing line here as well as view his website here.

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