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Catching up with Youssef chreiba

Youssef Chreiba, son of the city of Mohammedia, Born September 8, 1995 , Coming from the city Youssef has completed his education in Hassan II University Casablanca. While he had started off his journey as a blogger and an influencer, he is now the ambassador of some of the top brands of the world. Oliver Luxe, Luxury Wristwear, Daniel Wellington, James Polo, Lord Timepieces, SLVR & Co and MAX RENE Denmark are some of the few luxury brands that he has promoted. He has also been the face of brands like Bisilio and Willy Thomas.

After immense success in the modeling world, Youssef Chreiba, a young Moroccan, embarked on a new adventure that of blogging. Youssef, the Instagram sensation, a fashion blogger, influencer, model and entrepreneur with over 800,000 followers, something to brag about these days.

Fashion blogging is no easy task. You have to have flair for words as well as for style. There are very few people who make an impact with their blogs by attracting and influencing people from all over the world. Youssef is now an internationally renowned blogger. It owes its success to these immeasurable collaborations with both national and international designers. A journey strewn with fruitful collaborations, among which we can cite the collaboration with the Moroccan designer Issam Wachma, July 7, 2019. A fruitful collaboration with the internationally renowned designer and one of the pillars of Hollywood design, founder of the brand the Royals Paris, a collaboration that took place on February 13, 2020. Youssef Chreiba had another collaboration with a Moroccan designer, on January 28, 2020, it was indeed the collaboration with Romeo Couture. Apart from these countless collaborations, Youssef Chreiba was elected as ambassador of several brands such as Olive Luxe on August 4, 2019, Bisilo on January 8, 2017, Wily Tomas on May 11, 2018. As well as his appearance in the famous Spanish fashion magazine Arab. His face accustomed to the camera, even appears in music videos, in particular in December 15, 2019 where Youssef Chreiba appears on a video clip as much as a model.

Youssef has had the opportunity to work with famous brands, and to walk in the biggest fashion shows. Among the brands that offered Youssef the opportunity to present their creations, we find Max René Denmark, Bisilio, Wily Thomas and TheroyalParis. Apart from the field of fashion, Youssef Chreibi had the chance to present different sectors including the mobile telephony sector, which has raised him to the highest ranks. This event dates back to 2019, precisely during the promotional campaign of the CAN or the African Cup of Nations with the participation of great Egyptian figures.

After a dazzling success for the young Youssef in the booming fashion field, he declares that it is difficult to enter the fashion planet, where the long breath and a special vision for everyone to be distinguished depends. by what will be given to the general public.

Youssef is one of those rare talented young people who start their journey with the aspiration to one day become a great man. His hard work and talent have certainly paid off, as Youssef is not only a successful fashion blogger, but also a remarkable influencer. Youssef has received praise not only for his lyrics, but also for his elegant demeanor which makes him a true icon in the fashion world.

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