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WATCH: Sen. Dick Durbin’s closing remarks at Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court hearing

In his closing statement,, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., thanked Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for her “fairness” and flexibility throughout her confirmation hearing. He also thanked her family for joining her over the course of the nomination process. In reference to how the experience has impacted her children, Durbin apologized for any “painful moments” they may have grappled with and noted that they are “innocent victims” that should not have to go through that. “But each of us in public life can tell you back a story or two as well of our own family experiences. We put our names on the ballot, we’re the targets, and when they go after my family, it just infuriates me. It just drives me crazy,” Durbin said. “It happens, and sadly it happens too often. But thank you for being here.” Barrett thanked Durbin for his “kindness.” The third of four days of scheduled testimony gave senators another opportunity to ask Barrett about her record and approach to the law.

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