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The JHON-JHON Institute and Medspa is Helping People Everywhere Perfect the Art of Permanent Cosmetics

First impressions are lasting impressions, which is why so many people will do everything they can to feel confident about their appearance. Different conditions, sicknesses, and diseases, like cancer, can cause hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes to fall out. It’s hard enough fighting a sickness or trying to look good in a superficial world – dealing with no eyebrows and hair along the way can make it nearly impossible. It was this kind of inspiration that motivated JHON-JHON to create an opportunity to make peoples’ lives better.


After taking his grandmother in for her chemotherapy following an ovarian cancer diagnosis, JHON-JHON couldn’t bear the site of his grandma as she lost her hair. Making him feel helpless, one day JHON-JHON saw an advertisement for a cancer charity event, spurring him to learn more about the services available to cancer patients. Much to his amazed, he discovered people were getting permanent eyeliner, lips, brows, and areolas tattoos. His passion was officially ignited.

“For me, I give my clients their confidence back,” said JHON-JHON. “I give class models a chance to get a procedure they could otherwise not afford, and I provide my students with the ability to pursue their dreams. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup are able to relieve so many people in the world. It is an honor to be part of the process.”

No stranger to adversity and the challenges that come with doing something new, JHON-JHON is both a male in an often female-dominated industry, as well as a first generation Filipino-American. Believing in himself as he worked to smash all stereotypes, his story is one he hopes will inspire people everywhere to pursue their lifelong passions.

“I have certainly had to overcome mountains of criticism and doubt, many times, from those closest to me,” said JHON-JHON. “Today, it’s all worth it when I see that smile on my students’ faces. Being able to bring happiness in someone else’s life is what I wake up to do every single day.”


Today, the JHON-JHON Institute and Medspa provides training in permanent and paramedical cosmetics. The team trains and employs reputable Certified Advanced Master Stylists, Nationally Board-Certified Permanent Cosmetics Practitioners, and medical physicians. Their institute does not believe in shortcuts when it comes to services as personal as permanent makeup.

Honing in on the importance of education and hands-on experience, JHON-JHON administers the following courses: permanent cosmetics, microblading, skin color and scar camouflage, hair follicle replication, non-laser tattoo removal, plasma fibroblasting, eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and semi-permanent mascara. JHON-JHON is hoping to open new locations in both California and Florida, as well as several online businesses in the coming months.

Lastly, in an effort to share what he has learned thus far in his life, JHON-JHON is working to become a motivational speaker. He wants as many people as possible to know that no dream is too big or too outlandish.

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