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An Entrepreneur’s Journey  takes courage

Many people are considering being or becoming an entrepreneur.
Many people have considered and changed their minds.
Many people have started and – did not persist. 

There is a certain myth about being an entrepreneur, especially in a country like the U.S.A. where so many are trying to get from “rags to riches” – and preferably quickly. The myths, as so often, do not accurately reflect an Entrepreneur’s Journey though.

In all reality, an Entrepreneur’s Journey is at times looking like a scavenger hunt or something of that sort.

Anyone who endeavors to become an entrepreneur needs one thing most of all: courage – and thereafter, and in combination with courage: determination or persistence.

There are many who want to be entrepreneurs because they see it as the realization of mythical ideas of freedom, earning lots of money, and being able to travel or do as they please. This may be something down the road for entrepreneurs who are courageous and resilient in creating a truly sustainable business. Unfortunately, the majority of entrepreneurs, approximately 76% of us, do not reach year 10 with our businesses. That is data that comes from the Department of Labor. That means 76% of us who are dreamers, visionaries, inventors – who may have those mythical ideas of what it means to be an entrepreneur – will either go back to employment or try another Entrepreneur’s Journey.

The myth about the freedom, the time off, the travel is one that I want to briefly address because in my opinion it is one of the most devastating ones – the most misleading.

Let me be clear, not everybody needs to or should be an entrepreneur. There are many ways in which one can live their dreams, focus on happiness, while having a job and being in purpose.  There is NOTHING wrong with being employed.

In other words, if you only envision the myth of having lots of money to spend and lots of time to do as you please – THINK AGAIN.  The journey of any entrepreneur is filled with hours over hours of hard work, commitment, and it takes a lot of time for that to be achieved.

Let me be clear: there is no overnight success!

To embark on the Entrepreneur’s Journey you need to be courageous and you need to fully understand that you embark on a journey that is filled with surprises, setbacks, encouragement, disappointment, as well as successes.

How would you feel if you went on to a trip, for example, maybe by car or as I did this summer in an RV and you just start driving. Imagine you don’t know the vehicle you’re driving you do not know what is wrong with it because you’ve never driven it before; you have never driven a vehicle like it before so you learn as you go. Imagine further that you only know your destination the city or location you would like to arrive at. But you have no idea about how to get there.

What would you do? Most likely you would be looking for a map or an instructor’s manual or something that makes you feel more confident about the vehicle as well as the journey.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s something very exciting about taking this trip day by day and yet, you need to fill up the gas tank, you need to find a place to sleep, you need to eat, and more. Those are the minimum items you will need and that’s all you know.  The rest is: free-flowing and learning on-the-go.  If things go well it’ll be an awesome trip and you’ll forever cherish the experiences.  If things go well you may not spend more money than you can afford, the vehicle may not break down, and so forth. Yet, you don’t know yet.  So you have the courage to get on this trip for what some may call a “self discovery” journey.

In many ways, an entrepreneur’s journey is at times looking like that as well.

It can be fun and it can be exhausting. 

So – now imagine: what if you had a map.  A map with an instruction booklet that guide you along, a map and booklet that show you the important stops (like the best and cheapest gas station or the best and cheapest place to stay for the night, for example).  Would that be helpful?  Would that possible provide you with the insights and tools that YOU need for YOUR entrepreneur’s journey? 

Entrepreneurs are courageous, determined, and often self-guided with an eye on “doing it alone” – that’s the spirit. And yet, what is more important, “doing it alone” or doing it successfully so you can create YOUR legacy? 

If you are considering to become an entrepreneur, be sure to know what you are getting into and be sure that you are in complete alignment with your passion and purpose – quick money or overnight success are highly unlikely; even more so if you are copying another person’s idea.  So: be ready, get a map and guidebook, and make YOUR dream a reality – with an eye on the requirements of this job.  

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