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Jennifer DiLandro and Dolce Aesthetics: Celebrity, Charity, and Cosmetics

Upon her graduation from Molloy College with her bachelor’s degree in nursing, Jennifer DiLandro began her now over two-decade long career in the medical field. As seen by her highly decorated list of awards, DiLandro is one of the highest respected and most talented nurses in the city of New York. Now, not only is DiLandro saving lives as a nurse, but she is also making a name for herself as an entrepreneur in the business of cosmetology. With Dolce Aesthetics, Jennifer DiLandro is looking to bring the highest quality of cosmetics and satisfaction to each of her patients.

Graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1999, DiLandro began working as a registered nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, where she would continue to work for the following ten years. Throughout these years, DiLandro would go onto to earn her master’s degree and become a highly decorated RN, receiving awards for her various efforts and outstanding service within the medical field. In 2009, though, an entrepreneurial spirit came over DiLandro, and she went headfirst into the creation and founding of her cosmetics company: Dolce Aesthetics. 

Dolce Aesthetics is a New York-based beauty center with locations in Brooklyn, Glendale, and Howard Beach. Jennifer DiLandro founded Dolce in 2009 as a way to provide high-quality cosmetic procedures at competitive prices, and she has gone the extra mile to make this possible. Continually learning through CME training courses, DiLandro works around the clock to create the safest and best procedures for all of her clients. DiLandro has earned several injection certifications, has obtained the highest status in the United States for injectors – Expert Level V – and is ranked among the top 200 Allergen injectors in America. The expertise possessed by DiLandro has created thousands of happy and satisfied customers over the last 18 years.

However, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Dolce Aesthetics was forced to temporarily close its doors for a few months. DiLandro and Dolce were able to power through this hardship though, and upon their reopening, they were instantly booked out for over two months. A huge amount of this success can be accredited to the social media presence of DiLandro and Dolce Aesthetics, who have amassed over 425,000 followers on Instagram as of October 2020. Along with her domineering social media presence, DiLandro has also struck up collaborations with celebrities from 90-Day Fiancé and has made multiple guest appearance on the reality TV show, Jersey Shore. 

Even with all of her recent success, DiLandro has managed to remain humble and has kept the idea of charity close to her heart. Especially during these uncertain times, DiLandro has made it a point to give back, donating medical supplies to hospital all across New York. To learn more about Jennifer DiLandro and Dolce Aesthetic, check them out on Instagram and at their website.

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