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The Story Of Bobby Borisov And How His American Dream Came True

Some people become entrepreneurs after years of planning and investing in their work, while others, like Bobby Borisov, had a natural talent to do so. Bobby Borisov grew up in Bulgaria, an eastern European country that was ravaged by an economic crisis at the time. To make money for a living, Mr. Borisov started working from a young age, and, as it turned out, he was doing entrepreneurial things without even knowing. While recalling on these early days, Mr. Borisov once said:

“Instead of going to play with my childhood friends, I would go working. I was good at identifying a business opportunity and executing upon it.”

The starts of Mr. Borisov entrepreneurial career”

His first venture was a grocery store that he has opened up in his father’s garage. After spending some time renovating it, acquiring permits, and securing vendors, he started managing the shop with great success. Eventually, Boris Borisov felt like he needed a change, after all, he was seeking better business opportunities for growth, and Western Europe was a perfect place to find them. He spent time working in various countries, doing all kinds of jobs. From being a Nespresso representative in Switzerland to a wholesaler of Clothing in Paris, Mr. Borisov eventually moved to Germany where he opened his own gardening enterprise in a wealthy neighborhood. In Germany, he met many local business owners and eventually became the manager of a hotel. Despite working day and night, Mr. Borisov even managed to study Economics at the University of Cologne.

Moving to America”

The promise of the American Dream lured Boris Borisov to visit the USA. Once again, he was looking for a new way to perfect his craft, and “the land of opportunity” seemed like a great environment to do so.

“I came to the USA to visit and see if that country would offer me a better entrepreneurial opportunity than Europe. After observing and studying the market, I decided to explore the real estate development, because I believe that real estate is a basic need for everyone. All of us need a roof over our heads after all.”

Without knowing a language, Mr.Borisov took classes on real estate and started meeting people who had similar interests. He learned a lot about local business culture and has started identifying business opportunities. The time was ripe for him to make his move. As the real estate business was booming, Mr.Borisov started purchasing distressed properties from lenders. After he established a team of contractors, he started selling those properties at great prices. He was also making a nice profit for investors along the way. Eventually, the market has once again started to change, so Mr. Borisov started looking for new business opportunities once again. After careful considerations, he seized the chance and moved to eCommerce business, once again adapting to a new economic climate. Even after so many years of doing business in several different fields, he never lost focus, always keeping eyes on the prize:

“Formulate what you want to achieve, work hard, and don’t spare any efforts towards realizing your goals. By doing all that, you will make it. Most importantly, never wait or doubt yourself, take action, and execute your plans.”

Citing Alexander the Great, a legendary conqueror, Mr.Borisov said:

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

Mr. Borisov’s current ventures”

Despite many ups and downs, Boris Borisov remains a successful entrepreneur who has managed to make the “American Dream” come true. Right now, he is the owner of two eCommerce businesses, Life House (specialized in Home Furnishing and Home Décor) and Beauty on Fashion (specialized in fashion and cosmetics). Since both ventures are doing extremely well, Mr. Borisov plans to open several more online businesses. According to his words, “the online niche is a way to go”.

As final advice to his fellow entrepreneurs, Mr. Borisov states:

“Show who you are, show your worth, and what you believe in. Do not trust what others tell you, have them prove their claims with actions, not words. Always believe in yourself, never give up. If it seems you never going to get it, then do baby steps towards your dream, and eventually, you will succeed.”

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