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Yogisuperpug wins praise for being the most adorable pug on TikTok

Yogisuperpug has skyrocketed up the ranks on TikTok in just a few short months as the young pug melts hearts everywhere on social media.
Yogi, a 4-year-old pug rose to prominence earlier this year after his cute videos and internet memes became viral hits on TikTok. And it’s just the beginning of his rise to success, after his owner Justin, decided to make the move while both were in lockdown in the UK.
With so many people vying to get their channels noticed, Yogisuperpug has risen spectacularly from obscurity thanks to its funny, topical and adorable videos that grab the attention – and make us feel all tingly inside. And it’s also caught the attention of some of TikTok’s biggest stars, making Yogi’s top videos reach even further.
As TikTok goes mainstream, dog owners and dog fans alike have been able to capture their fondest memories, and upload their videos online to a global fan base.
For Yogi and Justin, TikTok has brought them closer to others who share their love for animals, showing you can have fun through companionship and living life to the full. And with their funny videos, it’s bringing laughter and joy to so many that need that good distraction right now. We’re just loving every minute of it and hope you check them out.
Yogi is also the face of a new charitable campaign that’s encouraging animal adoptions, having been adopted at a young age after going through a difficult time with his previous owner. Thankfully, young Yogi was able to find a new home with Justin, and is loving every minute of it from his ice cream memes to dog fashion videos. He’s having the time of his life!
Are you sharing your loveable videos on TikTok? Follow Yogisuperpug on TikTok and Instagram, and see the website for more details.

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