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Model Shalini Quattlebaum Gets Threatened To Fight For Justice:

Shalini Quattlebaum is a young model who is most known for being Miss Southern California USA, accumulating over 500,000 instagram followers. She uses her instagram platform to raise money for the less fortunate and fight for justice. She has raised over half a million dollars for underserved communities.

In 2019, Shalini called out all of the 2020 presidential candidates to implement bullying prevention strategies throughout schools in the United States. She was trolled all over the internet by thousands of people for her stance against bullying, as people said “bullying is insignificant compared to the problems in the world today.” Despite the negativity, Shalini continued her fight against bullying, and went to various schools in Los Angeles teaching students bullying prevention strategies. On her instagram account, she states that she was bullied in highschool, “people would tell me I’m worthless and to go kill myself,” she said. This would most likely explain her passion for this fight.

Shalini’s fight for justice continued in 2020. She began to apply pressure to her followers on instagram by generating a link for people to register to vote. Her link received 20,000 new registered voters. During the Black Lives Matter Movement, Shalini was seen protesting in Los Angeles and in San Luis Obispo. She posted on her instagram, “at a nothing but peaceful protest, the police officers sprayed us with mace. I fell on the ground and hurt my ankle and an officer tried to beat me with a metal rod. I was terrified!” A few weeks later, a leader of the San Luis Obispo protests, Tianna, was wrongfully accused of many charges, both felonies, and misdemeanors. Because of these charges, Shalini raised $70,000 for Tianna’s legal fees via Go Fund Me. Shalini’s huge audience made this case go viral on a national level. On Shalini’s Go Fund Me, she stated, “Tianna has been set up by the justice system. Our system has failed once again. These 5 charges can ruin her life! Tianna is in need of funds for representation. Anything helps. Don’t let these police officers take away her future.” People from all over the country have donated to Shalini’s Go Fund Me for Tianna. This national case became known as the Free Tianna Campaign.

Because of Shalini’s bravery to help Tianna, she has received many threats on social media platforms. People are saying statements like, “I hope you get locked up one day,” “Watch your back Shalini we’re coming for you,” and “Lock your doors at night orelse.” She also posted on instagram that the San Luis Obispo Police Department has been watching her closely, and that as a black woman, it’s terrifying to her.

Shalini is currently in law school to become an attorney. Will these threats push her away, or motivate her to continue her fight for justice as an attorney?

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