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Tom Davis’s Leadership Podcast, “Purpose of Management,” is Available Now

Tom Davis, one of the founders of the Tribal College Movement, will discuss the Purpose of Management on the Episode 1 of the Leadership Podcast, conducted by Christine Reidhead, an author, humanitarian, podcaster, Assistant Professor, and the CEO of a nonprofit organization, AfrikRising.

Christine Reidhead, podcaster, humanitarian, and an Assistant Professor, has announced that the experienced management coach Tom Davis shared his experience on the “Purpose of Management” podcast.

Tom talks about management and its purpose, how he’s been successful using this kind of approach, and he also elaborates on his saying, “When you strengthen their strengths, you weaken their weaknesses.” 

In this episode, Tom refers to Japanese management techniques. He describes that the manager or leader who drives for perfection can eventually create friction within the workforce. Tom also describes how good managers or leaders give people the ability and ideas to improve the focus of what is being done. Additionally, he explained that a good manager can’t always solve every problem, but they should commit to trying to solve problems.

This podcast, Episode 1, “The Purpose of Management”, is to help people succeed in any organization they are associated with and help them see a way to the future in which they can believe in themselves.

Tom explained how he had created his own success by following this process of management. Tom said, “The inspiration does not come from outside people but comes from inside people, and as a manager, you can help them figure out how to overcome their barriers. This results in helping them achieve individual dreams by making them believe in themselves,” said Tom.

Do you want to know more about what Tom said in episode one? Please visit Christine Reidhead’s website for the complete podcast

About Christine Reidhead

Christine Reidhead is an author, educator, humanitarian, podcaster, Assistant Professor, and the CEO of the Nonprofit Organization, AfrikRising.

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