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Special Feature with Kat Alyst

Kat Alyst is a photographer and artist who creates work of a fictional world that is simultaneously fashionable, apathetic, and occasionally nonsensical. Her unique perspective offers an oddly familiar glance into the abstract, exactly as the moment is birthed. The underlying messages are depicting real scenarios and experiences, that are masked in an idealized narrative.

Her photographs tend to create visual scenes with distinct color use, apathetic expressions, and a distorted line of surrealism, that depict the subject longing for something that has yet to come. Models that stare at the viewer invite them to briefly live in their world, whereas the ones who stare away would rather they didn’t visit too long. In either instance, the duration of the gaze becomes a reflection of the piece.

Kat works between Los Angeles, Austin, New York, and travels internationally for editorial work.

Keep up with her on Instagram – @katinthecloudz or visit her website: for new work.

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