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Lovince Mckenzie & ChuMilo – “My Happy Place”


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Lovince Mckenzie & ChuMilo – “My Happy Place”

 Lovince Mckenzie & ChuMilo – “My Happy Place”

Love the enthusiasm, passion, color, culture, and all-around effort here from Lovince Mckenzie & ChuMilo on this collaborative new cut called “My Happy Place.”  Sparkling with highly stylistic Afro Pop sound that shines bright enough to reach our Canadian pages & the attention of the world all the way from their home-base in Nairobi, Kenya – Lovince & ChuMilo give you a perfect example of how putting the work in can lead directly to your music traveling far & wide, all over the globe.  Because c’mon now folks…take a look & a listen for yourself below & try to tell me that these artists & this single isn’t 100% all about doin’ everything it can to be entertainin’ ya from start to finish – everything is massively upbeat, lively & enticing.

Right?  Now you see what I’m talking about.  Watching & listening to music, culture, and talent combine always takes me to “My Happy Place” when it’s done right, and this most certainly IS.  You just clicked play up above, you saw it for yourself & had a listen – that’s one seriously awesome video to watch is it not?  Straight-up cinematic if you ask me!  And clearly I’m not the only one catching on; the video for “My Happy Place” is racking up hits & views around the clock right now being so fresh off the drop of its release online in early October – and with their culturally innovative sound & style so welcoming & relentlessly entertaining, it’s more than a safe bet to assume the momentum is going to continue to build strong around this single & the highly addictive hooks & bars Lovince & ChuMilo put into this song.

Stunning direction & shots in this video – everything pops out bold, bright, and beautiful as the scenes beam outta your screen & the vibe slides smoothly into place.  Song-wise, within mere moments, you’re surrounded by music that has just as much charisma & personality as you’ll find in the vocals, creating a magnificently slick & sleek design that’ll have you reaching for the volume quickly to turn this UP to the rafters & take that party of yours to the next level it deserves.  The main stars of the show, Lovince Mckenzie & ChuMilo bring their A-game without question, not even leaving us a remote crumb to criticize – “My Happy Place” is flawlessly performed, brilliantly conceptualized, and seamlessly executed.

Nairobi is a vibe” as they’ll tell you direct in the words of this new single – and after hearing it, believe me when I say that they’ll leave you with no doubt that what they say is true.  They’ve got the vibe, the mood, and the anthem the people need for 2020 – how could anyone go wrong with a quick visit to “My Happy Place” and a refreshing, upbeat, and wildly stylistic cut like this is?  Mad respect to ChuMilo and Lovince for what they’ve created here & the intentions behind it – they wanted to shine the spotlight on the spectacular beauty to be found in the African culture, its land, and its people – and through the music & video they’ve made on “My Happy Place,” they’ve undeniably achieved their objective in-full.  Everything looks gorgeous…and everything is put together with confidence, precision, and professional skill on display from start to finish; the hooks are memorable, catchy, and genuinely FUN – “My Happy Place” delivers radiant sound & crossover cultural style, and creates a true impact through authenticity and celebrating the roots of Nairobi in an exciting way that’ll have the whole world watching & listening.

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