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If a Hero could save us, Poll One Virus to Rule them all

BY  New Frank

If heroes can save us, who is best qualified to solve the COVID-19 problem? Let’s analyze the unusual suspects. Read the list, and discuss it with your peers. Review the hero’s intelligence, abilities, and qualifications. This is an opportunity to test your knowledge and ask yourself, what do you believe?

  1. Spiderman aka- Peter Parker (Genetic Scientist)
  2. The Wasp aka- Janet van Dyne (Physics Scientist)
  3. The Flash aka- Wally West (Scientist Idealist- Speed Force)
  4. Hulk aka- Bruce Banner’ (Doctor-Gamma Rays)n
  5. Captain Marvel aka- Carol Danvers (Advance Tech)
  6. Black Panther aka- Prince T’Challa (Vibranium)n
  7. Invisible Woman aka- Sue Storm (Psychical Scientist)
  8. Wolverine aka- James “Logan” Howlett (Regenerative Blood Properties)
  9. X-Men Storm aka- Ororo Munroe (Control Elements of Weather)
  10. X-Men Beast aka- Dr. Henry Philip Hank (Genetics Research Mutants)
  11. X-Men Jean Grey aka- Elaine Elizabeth (Mutants Powers-Re-shape reality)
  12. Super Stretch Mr. Fantastic aka-Reed Richards (Scientific Genius-Space)
  13. Wonder Woman aka- Princess Diana (Ancient Knowledge)
  14. Batman aka- Bruce Wayne- (Ability to think outside the box)
  15. Superman aka- Kalel (Advance super abilities)
  16. X-Men-Xavier Aka- Charles Francis (Telepathic Great Thinker-Leader)
  17. Obama aka-USA President
  18. Donald Trump aka- USA President
  19. Boris Johnson aka- UK Prime Minister
  20. Xi Jinping aka- China President
  21. Write your own Hero here, but defend your answer.


1. Explain your talking points: 

2. Explain your situation in written or oral arguments 

     using Facebook, Twitter, universities, comic parties, or with colleagues.

3. Most (votes/thumbs up) wins. I wish you all the best. 

 Who knows, if enough people choose the same one, just maybe, they will 

appear in our reality.  May we find a cure, or a hero shall arise, is it you?  

Only choose one

*I have Chosen Number ____as the Hero to find a cure to COVID-19.

* Option 21: My Hero is ____________ to find a cure to COVID-19.   

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