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Gifted Nude Art Photographer Captures Beauty Even in A Time of Crisis

In a moment when the world is going through a difficult time in history, photography has been instrumental in meeting peoples’ emotional needs. An award winning and a published nude art photographer, Jake Istvan, is offering exceptional, unique, and sophisticated fine art photography—something that beautiful that can fill an empty space.

A man who believes that a photograph captures the momentary beauty of time and immortalizes it, Jake Istvan hopes to fill peoples’ hearts with great and happy memories at a period when they are going through a sticky patch. “With my unique and sophisticated fine nude art photography, I hope to meet someone’s emotional need for art, inspire, and provide a moment of great memories ,” said Istvan adding that fine art nude photography has a way of inspiring confidence and hope, virtues that are much needed to steer us through these hard times. Just like he has drawn great inspiration in nude art photography, Istvan wants to use his story, talent, and passion to inspire others.

Inspired by prominent artists such as the old masters like Rembrandt, Istvan started shooting eleven years ago, just as a hobby with little experience and a basic camera. His eagerness to learn and passion to explore paid off. He enjoyed the challenge of photography and got drawn by especially nude photography. Combining photography and travelling, Istvan met amazing photographers and tutors—people whom he says taught him and helped him become a better photographer. This award-winning nude art photographer is also published in a world-renowned online gallery and gained space in numerous front-page image awards on photography and model networking site,

Istvan, who takes great pleasure in showing his work, says that his nude images reflect some of his best achievements in his career and his vision. He adds that he would like to use his talent to inspire people by creating moments of beauty that is captured forever. For those who are looking for unique and sophisticated art, Istvan is offering all images as high-quality fine art prints and has a 20% off on all wall art at the moment.

About Jake Istvan

Jake Istvan is an award winning and published fine art nude photographer. With eleven years of experience in photography, Istvan is passionate especially about nude art. He creates classical style black and white, sepia, and color nudes, using textures and natural light. His style is inspired by the great old masters such as Rembrandt. Besides being skilled in the aspect of photography, Istvan is also proficient in using Photoshop.

He enjoys creating surreal, dark, and fantasy digital photo manipulations. To him, nude art photography goes beyond a mere hobby, as it has provided him with opportunities for travelling the world and seeing human nature as it is.

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