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Each episode of The Alexa Show takes us on a journey to the heart of the story

Alexa Servodidio, a television host and therapist, has a way of interviewing that gets her guests to let their guard down. Even a 6″ 6″ forward/guard who played for the NBA. 

On the latest episode, Jamel Thomas sits down to talk to @ASKALEXATHERAPY on her PBS Television show that has now hit the internet on a show dedicated YouTube channel. The basketball star takes us on a personal journey from his beautiful struggle as a kid in Brooklyn and through his basketball career to where he is now. 

Jamel Thomas played collegiately for Providence College. He went on to the National Basketball Association (NBA)with the Boston Celtics, the Golden State Warriors) and the New Jersey Nets. He also signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trail Blazers (1999–2000), and Utah Jazz (2000–01). Thomas then took his game overseas, mostly playing for teams in Turkey and Italy. 

Basketball is undoubtedly in Jamel’s blood. He is the older half-brother of Sebastian Telfair, who also played in the NBA. His cousin is another NBA star, Stephon Marbury. Jamel Thomas faced many hurdles and hardships on his journey from an underprivileged neighborhood in Brooklyn to the NBA and international basketball circuit. His success was “Born in the Struggle.”

Jamel has always had an eye for fashion and began designing and manufacturing one-of-kind pieces, and small-runs for his students and friends centered on the core messages he lives by to achieve his personal best. Jamel’s designs have gained popularity, catching the attention of emerging athletes on street courts and professional-basketball players alike.

“Jamel,” a brand with urban influences, was launched to bring these designs to the fore. The brand logo was sketched in Jamel’s early days designing on Brooklyn’s streets, referencing the lessons of faith, courage, and strength he wishes he could have shared with himself as a young boy.

The simple, high-quality apparel line features design in children and adult sizes, giving families and teams the option of sporting coordinated looks with powerful messages. Because Jamel tragically lost his mother at a young age, it was a natural fit to donate a portion of apparel sales to benefit orphans and underprivileged children. Each unique clothing design features inspirational messages that have empowered people of all ages to pursue their dreams on and off the court.

He moves us through his inspirational journey on this episode of the Alexa Show. He is highlighting the story from his book “The Beautiful Struggle.” From his painful youth to his prosperous career, Jamel learned to see the beauty. He is proof that regardless of your circumstances, with confidence and determination, you can rise above. An original design with a powerful story to tell, Jamel has woven his motivational messages into an eponymous clothing line of urban athletic wear.

This episode leaves us wanting more from Jamel and Alexa. You can visit Alexa and her show at and learn more about Jamel at

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