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Audien Hearing Aids Review: Are Audien Hearing Aids Worth It?

Finding a pair of hearing aids can be a confusing and expensive process, even when using higher end hearing aid companies (which charge around $4,600/pair on average).

For many of those with hearing loss, paying that much for a pair of hearing aids is impossible. Unfortunately, many overpay by thousands so that they can get their hearing back!

Audien Hearing claims to offer a cheap, rechargeable, in ear hearing aid for only $89 per pair. They say that customers notice a difference immediately upon using their devices, but that it takes about 21 days before the ears and brain fully adjust to wearing a new pair of hearing aids.

Audien Hearing brands itself as an affordable, convenient solution to hearing loss compared to other higher ticket products that cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000.

We put Audien Hearing’s EV1 Hearing Aid to the test to see if it is a viable option for those who can’t afford expensive hearing aids.

Here’s what we found.

How does Audien Hearing work?

Unlike other hearing aid companies, which sell through several intermediaries (hearing centers, audiologists, and sales reps), Audien Hearing sells direct from the factory to the consumer.

Their one size fits all (OTC) solution allows them to sell their devices at some of the lowest prices on the market. This is because they aren’t marking the cost up due to expensive intermediaries.

Audien Hearing aids are rechargeable and in ear. They claim to be easy to use, comfortable and discreet.

Audien Hearing cost

The Audien EV1 Hearing Aids we tested were listed for $89 for a full pair. The hearing aids are frequently on sale with discounts that make getting a pair even cheaper.

The pair of EV1 Hearing Aids also come with the charger and cord, a carrying case, and accessories kit with ear tips and cleaning tools.

Is Audien Hearing effective?

We found the hearing aid was effective at minimizing the effects of mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Immediately upon trying the device, we noticed an improvement in sound volume. Audien Hearing tells customers that for best results, they should wear it for 21 days in order to adjust.

Audien Hearing for tinnitus

While Audien Hearing says online that they do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure tinnitus, they do have a good amount of customers that say the EV1 hearing aid helps them with the symptoms of tinnitus.

How to use Audien EV1 Hearing Aid

We found the EV1 was relatively easy to use and fuss-free.

It came with good packaging and detailed instructions, plus access to an online support center complete with FAQs and tutorial videos.

The volume is simple to adjust using the provided tool, easy to charge, and has a simple On/Off switch for use. The trickiest part is getting the device into your ear without feedback or whistling – they recommend inserting the device into your ear first without it turned on, that way you can find the right position that’s comfortable for you.

Once we found the right volume level and fit, the device was easy to use and effective. It’s not crazy high tech but it gets the job done.

Audien Hearing pros

Based on our research on the Audien EV1 Hearing Aid, we found that they deliver on their claim of being an affordable rechargeable hearing aid.

We had a good experience with the product packaging and support, and found the product to be easy to use and effective. The rechargeable feature is a nice plus.

Overall, the biggest benefit of the EV1 is the price. For only $89/pair, you likely aren’t going to find a better product.

Audien Hearing cons

Unfortunately, the EV1 Hearing Aid isn’t perfect. It doesn’t have advanced hearing technology like some devices do, such as directional microphones or digital sound processing.

The product is also a little big for some ear canals. For most, it should fit, but for others with smaller ear canals, they may have to try Audien’s EV3 Hearing Aid, which is 26% smaller and comes with a wireless charging dock. They offer it as an upgrade to customers who prefer an even smaller device.

Bottom line

Overall, we had a positive experience with Audien Hearing. The company offers a really strong value. With rechargeable, in-ear technology, you’re hard pressed to find something better for the price. While it’s not the best hearing aid on the market, for many who can’t afford hearing aids this is a great fit.

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