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Ryan Lutness: Taking youth basketball by storm

Ryan Lutness born (October 3rd, 2006) out of Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania is taking youth basketball by storm. Ryan Lutness stands at 5 ft 6 in, and stands in at the shooting guard position. We had the pleasure of seeing him play on Sunday, he is miles ahead of everyone else in his age group. Ryan Lutness has elite shooting, finishing, and footwork that is not seen at his age.

Ryan Lutness tells us “I’m excited for the school season, I hope my hard work pays off.” We heard his training regimen and we are nothing short of impressed by how hard he works. He says he puts up 400 game realistic makes a day, 40 makes of form shooting a day and practices finishing and footwork at the end.


He is currently in unranked but this season it’s all about to change. He was cut from the 7th grade basketball team last year and it motivated him to work harder than everyone else and based on what we say it is paying off. Ryan Lutness stands out to me because of his work ethic and his inability to stop. After talking with him I heard about his rigorous training routine even top high school athletes would refuse to do. He does not settle for good or even great at that matter, this kid settles for perfect.

Ryan lutness is currently not on a AAU team so he can focus on refining his game further for the winter. I believe Ryan Lutness is going to make waves in his 8th grade season. I see his potential and all he needs to do now is preform.


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