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Compassionate Healthcare of Florida Expanding Access To Florida Medical Marijuana

Compassionate Healthcare of Florida is setting itself apart from other medical marijuana providers in Southwest, Florida by offering patients Risk-Free consultations with board-certified physicians who have specialized experience in the benefits and efficacy of medical cannabis usage.

Florida residents are beginning to explore the benefits medical marijuana use can offer them with over 424,224 certified patients as of October. With recent legislation that has eased prior restrictions and improved access to medical marijuana certifications, patients are finding alternatives to pharmaceuticals and more traditional medical options that may not have provided the same level of relief that medical cannabis often offers to its patients. It has never been easier to find alternative Florida options to pharmaceuticals than with a Medical Marijuana Card.

Medical Marijuana should not be looked at as a “cure-all” and patients need to understand that you do not necessarily get complete symptomatic relief after their first use. “We have dosage recommendations and what may work best for individual conditions, but it still, unfortunately, involves individual trial and error to find what works best for each patients physiology,” says CHF. Medical Marijuana has shown miraculous results for so many patients; however, if you are told that an exact formula exists that will provide an immediate curative effect of your condition, you are being misled.

As the number of patients throughout the state increase, so do those offering patient recommendations for medical marijuana use. CHF recommends asking the provider several questions before your appointment, so you are not caught off guard or surprised later on down the road. Florida allows certified marijuana doctors to input up to 210 days of orders after meeting with a patient and confirming they have a qualifying condition that would benefit from medical marijuana use. With that being said, many complaints have been raised where some doctors are forcing patients to pay for more frequent follow-ups to keep their certifications active, are charging additional fees for different methods of usage, charge monthly maintenance type fees or demand prepayment regardless if the patient will qualify. It is vital to be clear and upfront with patients about the process and how getting a Florida medical marijuana card may benefit them.

Compassionate Healthcare of Florida is conveniently located at 5600 Trail Blvd, Suite 10, across from Waterside Shops in Naples. All of their physicians are board-certified, and they provide the right doctor for the right patient. “If you have a child under 18, we have a board-certified pediatrician; if you speak Spanish we have a Spanish speaking physician, our goal is to make sure patients are comfortable at their visit that they are seeing the best provider who can guide them thru the medical marijuana journey.”

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