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Catching up with C.Pitt

North Carolina seems to be boiling into a mecca of undiscovered talents. Many hail from the Carolinas generationally from Petey Pablo to 9th Wonder & Little brother, to new aged artists such as YBN Cordae and J. Cole.

We’ve recently come across an artist by the name C. Pitt who definitely has a captivating way of delivering his lyrics uniquely. “Sometimes the simplest lines are the most relatable…that’s what makes them last.” the rapper says.

Normally the comparisons come with the territory but C. Pitt seems to have a sound and cadence of his own. You can hear bits and pieces of his personal life through his music but sort of pieced together like a puzzle. You get different pieces and components of his story through various songs of his. He speaks often of his kids, his brother, and his parents and how they’ve impacted/influenced him over the years throughout his life and through his music. I’m sure we’ll all get to know Pitt a little better in time, through his art, as he continues to release new material.

He may be an unfamiliar face and name, but he’s been stamped by most of your favorite rappers. Rappers such as KRS-One, Jadakiss, Jay Rock of TDE, Crooked I from Eminem’s Slaughterhouse and others, have all co-signed the emcee’s lyrical ability. Other artists from his region like 9th Wonder, Rapsody, and Lute who have come before him, have also mentioned the rapper at some point. With lyrical prowess and great delivery, the North Carolina rapper teams up with California native, Chuuwee, for an intricate breakdown to Pitt’s “Outside” record. The feature is a lyric video remix to the original version. We’ve known of Chuuwee for some time now so this collaboration was exciting to see.

C. Pitt is definitely someone to watch and we are looking forward to seeing him develop in the following years to come.

Check out the animated lyric video below and follow these two artists on twitter and instagram: @cpittofficial @chuuw33

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