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How 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Kevin Leyes Built A Million-Dollar Business During COVID-19

Being a leader does not only mean leading or being at the head of a company, it also means having the ability to handle critical situations that may arise unexpectedly, maintaining business stability and even motivating employees to move forward for their own and the company’s well-being. This is precisely what young entrepreneur Kevin Leyes has done as founder and CEO of Leyes Media during the pandemic.

Kevin is an entrepreneur with a proven track record. At just 20 years old, he built an authentic companies’ empire. In his business group is Leyes Media, a social media marketing and public relations agency, founded by this young entrepreneur in 2019, with the objective of boosting the digital presence and social media profiles of his own urban jewelry company and brand Team Leyes.

However, Leyes Media went much further, because in a short time, it grew as an outstanding agency dedicated to helping other influencers, public figures, artists, entrepreneurs and their own brands and companies in the digital market. Kevin’s experience in the world of social media, combined with the work of expert professionals, yielded very favorable results for the operation of his company.

Leyes Media is now recognized as one of the most prominent and fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, currently on the road to become a multi-million dollar bootstrapped company. Since its creation in 2019, this company has been characterized by constant growth determined by the quality of its work and the optimal results it has given to its wide list of clients.

After some time of development and execution in the international digital market, Leyes Media ventured to work with other varieties of services through the agency. This company currently covers three fundamental main areas: Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and finally, Talent Management and Development.

Just as opportunities arose to grow the business, the challenges were not long in coming. One of the most recent, and possibly the biggest that Leyes Media has faced, is to keep moving forward in the midst of the COVID-19 expansion, an event that has undoubtedly made an impact on a global level, socially and entrepreneurially.

As a leader, Kevin’s management of Leyes Media has been tested against the pandemic scenario. However, the results obtained by the agency during this short time, reveal not only the capacity of this young entrepreneur to face critical times with determination but also his ability to take the results to higher levels at this time.

Positive results in negative times

While the pandemic is a context that has negatively affected society and hundreds of companies worldwide, Leyes Media has been able to keep up and even go much further in its purposes.

Through innovation strategies, maintaining a fresh and new image, the company led by Kevin Leyes, has overcome the critical moment obtaining favorable results.

Proof of this has been the expansion of its services, which range from social media marketing, public relations, to talent management and development. In addition, they have expanded the hiring of dozens of new employees, necessary to perform all work tasks and fulfill processes. On the other hand, Leyes Media has also received a lot of media attention, and keeps growing on social media as a solid and well-known firm in the digital industry.

Since 2019, the growth of this agency has been remarkable thanks to the determination and conviction of its leader and the team that makes up Leyes Media, to keep advancing even in the difficulty generated by the COVID-19.

Digital Era: Adding powerful value

In critical moments such as those caused by the pandemic, it is when the management and development of companies that provide value to society becomes more important. And even more so, its momentum in the digital environment, where millions of people around the world have access to and can learn about it.

It is for this reason that Leyes Media, as the agency in charge of boosting the presence of public figures, brands and companies, contributes to generate this impulse. Taking advantage of all the resources and the digital era, as a favorable process for the growth of a company.

Its development has also been based on providing service and guidance to those entrepreneurs who, in the midst of the pandemic process, wish to add value to the community through their products or services.

This conviction of Kevin Leyes’ agency is what has led it to position itself as a leader in its niche. They stand out as one of the leading digital marketing agencies today, offering new, innovative and high-potential services to their clients on an ongoing basis.

In addition, Leyes Media has become an example and a source of inspiration for business people and entrepreneurs who are thinking about going down in difficult times like the present.

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