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#1 Sports Betting Telegram Channel

To those who dont know Bangkok Fix is the ultimate source of suspicious or „dirty“ sports games for the wide public. If you ever wondered where those suspicious games originate from on the internet, this is the source of majority matches.

This guy must be working in some big sportsbook company or monitoring platform (like BetRadar), as according to him most bets are generated after the money flow. And that is undoubtfully compelling tool even for top-class bettors. When you can see a handful of new accounts betting thousands on particular low league game simultaneously, it is something unclear about the game for sure. So here some basic facts about Bangkok Fix:

  • 34% yield in long run
  • 30-40 games per month in VIP channel
  • Monthly subscribtion – 80eur/month
  • 64% hitrate
  • Free Telegram channel link:

After following free channel for few months we have decided to subscribe and see if public-fixed games can really produce income for casual, inexperienced sports punter.

After brief chat we have made a deal to buy half month subscribtion for 40eur. Generally, the conversation has left pretty good impression as even though we provoked some sound statements from tipster himself, we didnt get any. BangkokFix was pretty humble and refused to make commitments of big winnings. Made me feel nice, at least im not being fooled with hollow promises. That is pretty opposite of what most tipsters do in Telegram and partially removes red flag. Now we really expect to actually make some interest in those 2 weeks.

We have set 100eur standart stake for one prediction and impatiently awaited notification for the first game. It came on the same day few hours later, Czech football. WIN. Next game arrived only 3 days later, Russia soccer and WIN again. Vietnam football – WIN. Basketball friendlies – WIN. We had no clue what are we betting on but it worked. After first 4 bets we have +350eur. Here are the results of two week subscribtion:

  • 10 wins and 3 loses
  • 554,5eur profit
  • 514,5 net proft (we have paid 40eur for subscribtion)


Generally, I believe we have been lucky to enter the channel at right moment. The results were better than tipster‘s average, but the main purpose and point of test – achieved. Casual punter can really bet suspicious games and make profit. We have proved that BangkokFix is not scam and these games are real. Leagues are pretty low volume as we expected in this service. Not a big problem to place a bet with few well known bookmaker accounts.

Guess you will se me subscribing soon again. Winning is nice after all.

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