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Who is Kareem Chenheu The Influencer By 3amAlexander Sharing His Boatsetter Experience

Summer is officially over. The seasons are changing and warmer clothes are being dusted off and brought upstairs. I can almost taste the pumpkin pie. Well, summer isn’t over for everyone. People in southern Florida are still enjoying the white beaches and cool ocean waters as snowbirds flock the coasts and locals feel more comfortable traveling to the touristy locations.

I came across a video by an artist named 3amAlexander, who is one of those lucky people utilizing all the water sports and outdoor activities that the southern U.S. has to offer year-round. In his most recent vlog, titled A Boat On The Ocean, he masterfully creates an on-the-water experience that the audience can feel, even in 32 degree weather.

I have known about Kareem ChenHeu Famously known As 3amAlexander for over 6 months now and have already done many deep dives into his various social media platforms. His brand is called All Ends of the Spectrum and does, in fact, capture all ends of many spectrums of life. The vlogs first captured my attention when Episode 39 appeared on my youtube feed back in November, after an apparent year-long hiatus. 3amAlexander came back guns blazing and has been pushing content out ever since. He has since developed his musical engineering skills and started a podcast with his partner, Natalie Faron.

But recently, he has been using his vlogs to promote small businesses in his area…something that is so critical right now. He and Natalie reviewed a local burger joint in Fort Lauderdale last month and are now exposing a hidden gem for boat rentals…a peer-to-peer boat rental service called Boatsetter. They are based in South Florida but have rentals across the country. I looked into the company and it’s quite impressive. They are the only boat rental company to offer peer-to-peer insurance for renters and boat owners. It’s essentially like airbnb and it’s as easy as downloading the app and searching for boats in your area.

The vlog was probably his best yet. The music hit a different way as the scenes from the yacht panned over the screen. So many beautiful, young people enjoying a day on the water. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch that? I recognize his entrepreneurial spirit. Using his creative intellect to make cinematic action vlogs, while also promoting local business and adventure. He’s ahead of the curve and I’ll be keeping an eye out for what he recommends next.

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