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Hatrick! Most Eligible Bachelor Ready to join Next Wave of Action Heroes!

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From playing soccer next to his senior David Beckham as a junior on the Manchester United squad to becoming a corporate executive, school teacher and martial arts sensei, life has been a whirlwind journey for Tazito ‘Taz’ Garcia.

The 37-year-old, who grew up around the world, outlived the gulf war and currently based in Toronto speaks about the new wave of action heroes.

“When you look at the 80’s or 90’s action flicks, no matter who was starring in the film, you saw the same oiled pecks, big shouldered and generally silent square-jawed white male. Larger than life. Many whom have risen to the screen from bodybuilding, martial arts and B-movies.

Today’s action heroes are defined by difference. They come from wildly different backgrounds to cater to a variety of audiences,” Taz described.

The enthusiastic and highly motivated actor-director has noticed how more superhero movies and shows have been moving their casting radar North. “ There’s two fellow Canadians cast in Marvel right now, and I hear the lucky number 3 is a charm…or as it’s called in soccer, a Hatrick!”

Besides earning ‘the nicest guy on set’ and Most Eligible Bachelor in Canada titles, Taz is popular in Asia, and his home town Toronto for trailblazing a string of indie hits and revolutionizing women in lead roles for film. His most recent role is Paddock’s Mercenary, “Paddock” played by Game of Thrones Pilou Asbek in “Project Xtraction” Starring Jackie Chan and John Cena (2021).

The 22x international award winner was humbled by his seat at the Action Heroes Icon table in Los Angeles, after winning The Male Action Performer of The Year Award and being the youngest recipient of the Icon Award among greats such as Cynthia Rothrock, Ronnie Coleman, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson and Randy Couture.


In the early stages of the pandemic, Taz has helped with donations to PPE and taken to Instagram Live reaching over 100,000 fans and friends for Q&A’s and free workout seminars; helping them stay positive during these uncertain times while also supporting relay for cancer and sick children’s hospital.

Taz is currently also working on five different scripts, wrapped two national commercials and preparing with his co-founder to take their annual event The Movie Expo, an event that bridges the gap of opportunities between talent, crew, facilities and locations internationally with fun showcases to the Virtual arena.

In the mean time the very charming and charismatic Taz is staying focused on honing his craft and physique. Garcia is ready to suit up when the opportunity comes knocking.

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