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5 Important Instagram Tips To Get More Followers

Most of us use Instagram to attract as many followers as we can. It is made possible by writing a good attractive Instagram bio. It has been proven that online users take less than a second to make an impression of your account. A captivating bio is essential for both private and business Instagram accounts.

Following are some of the tips that you should follow while writing a good Instagram bio:

Always Consider Your Target Audience

You should create your Instagram account according to your ideal audience. On a personal account, users have a lot of margins to post whatever they like or want to share with the world. However, Instagram business accounts have to be very mindful of their target audience to ensure the writing and posting the suitable things that attract their target customers.

Many people tend to ignore the significance of the bio section because it has only 150 characters. But you should remember that it can be the make-or-break factor of your entire presence of Instagram. If a company’s account, or even a personal one, write an impressive bio, it will surely attract more followers.

Similarly, the importance of analyzing the target audience is not only limited to the content of the bio but the overall format and design of the bio. Users can use special fonts to write their bio in different styles. It allows users to show their individuality. Similarly, different companies and organizations can make their bio more interesting by using stylish fonts to add more style to their bio.

Add Keywords in Name Field

The name field in your bio is entirely different from the username of an Instagram account. You should use it to add keywords associated with your concerned audience. For instance, if a cosmetics company is using Instagram for marketing, it should add keywords like ‘skincare.’, ‘healthy skin,’ or ‘skin products’ to the name field.

Make Bio Stylish with Instagram Font Generator

Most of the Instagram users are just visiting or scrolling the profiles without fully focusing on the profiles’ content. If you really want to grab some eyeballs and make them stay at your profile, you can use this Instagram Fonts to write an engaging bio in a stylish and attractive font. It will automatically force the users to stay on your profile, read the bio, and follow your account if they find it interesting.

Hence, it would not be wrong to say that having good instagram bio is one of the easiest methods of increasing engagement with your target audience that will ultimately increase your followers’ number.

Setting a Suitable Name

Setting a proper name for the Instagram profile is of utmost importance. Easy and appropriate names of both private and business profiles will make your profile visible to a more significant number of people. Moreover, the customers will easily be able to find the profile. Businesses, primarily, should aim for unique and attractive names that will build the interest of potential customers and make them follow your company’s account.

It is only logical that users will search your profile by personal or organization’s name. Moreover, if you are running a business on a large-scale, you should apply for verification and get a blue tick on your profile so that the users can fully trust your account and know that an imposter does not run it.


Adding a call-to-action in your Instagram bio will surely increase your profile’s attractiveness and enhance your business. You can make your call-to-action more appealing with fancy text style. A good strategy would be to briefly tell the users about CTA’s purpose by inserting a brief sentence about it. In this way, the users will be inclined to click on the provided link and follow your accounts on different platforms, including Instagram.


In short, there are a lot of different strategies that can make your Instagram bio more attractive to users and increase your followers. Along with writing excellent content for your bio, with well written text you can make your bio captivate people’s attention.

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