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Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington recommends MindStir Media, propelling the company to the next level as a leading business book publisher

Earlier this year, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank praised MindStir Media as “the company you can trust to help you take your book to the next level.” Harrington himself is a #1 bestselling business book author and therefore speaks from experience. In his official recommendation video on Youtube he added that becoming an author changed his life and “it can change yours too.” He also praised MindStir Media’s founder, J.J. Hebert, stating, “MindStir Media is led by #1 bestselling author J.J. Hebert, so you know you’ll be in good hands.”

Hebert–whose work has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc–raved about his partnership with Kevin Harrington: “Teaming up with Kevin has been a dream come true for my company MindStir Media and myself. We’ve been publishing business books — and books in general — for over a decade and we’ve seen a tremendous level of success. But adding an original Shark from Shark Tank to our long list of testimonials and supporters certainly solidifies our place as a top self-publishing company specializing in publishing business books.”

Many of MindStir Media’s books have become bestsellers and have enjoyed critical praise. As an example, MindStir Media recently published a business book for entrepreneur Rod Marchand. The book, entitled Man…F@#K! The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship, details the everyday challenges in the life of an entrepreneur. Kevin Harrington wrote the foreword for the book, which became a #1 Amazon Best Seller last month and has attracted a near-perfect 5-star overall rating on Amazon.

“Kevin’s involvement in that business book project, attaching his name to it through his foreword, was a real game-changer for the author and MindStir Media,” Hebert added. “It’s potentially life-changing anytime you can get someone of Kevin’s caliber to support a product or company. After all, nearly everything Kevin Harrington touches turns to gold.” Hebert explained that Harrington has sold over $5 billion in products globally and is known as the inventor of the infomercial and the pioneer of the As Seen On TV brand.

MindStir Media has also received praise from multiple sources beyond Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. Penny Matters, Kev’s Best, BestTechie and iTech Post all ranked MindStir Media as the #1 self-publishing website platform and company. 

Authors and entrepreneurs interested in publishing their business books should connect with MindStir Media at or call 800-767-0531 to schedule a free consultation. 

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