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Jaea talks music, dreams coming true and her new song “Get Up”

JAEA is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Today she released her new single “Get Up”.

Congratulations on your first single “Bad Bitch”. It was a huge success and the song received great reviews. How do you feel after releasing your first single?

I am completely elated, over the moon to say the least. To tell you the truth… releasing your own music for the first time is scary and nerve-racking. You work so hard, putting in the time and effort. Long trips to the studio to record. Long days and nights working on one song. When that day finally comes to release it, you can only hope that it is received well. It is my art, my love, my soul… and you put that out there to be judged by others. That’s what makes music art, its meant to invoke feelings in others, whether they be good or bad. I’m glad my song was received the way it was, and understood the way I intended.

Today is a big day – your second single has been released. Tell us a little bit more about the song “Get Up”.

I’m really excited to be releasing this one. It’s definitely a fun, flirty, and sexy type of vibe. You ever go out with your friends and that one song comes on that makes you get up and dance? You grab a partner, head to the dance floor, and bust out your sexiest moves. It’s about confidence and just living your best life.

What inspired you to create it?

Well if I can be completely honest I love dancing and I love music that just makes you want to dance wherever you are. So I wanted to make one of my own. Something sexy with a little guitar and a Latin feel. This one was definitely one that took me awhile to complete because I really wanted to give people that feeling of  excitement that you get when your favorite song comes on. Something that makes you want to “get up” and head to the dance floor.

“Get Up” is a part of  the bigger project – your album. Are you planning on releasing it this year? 

Yes I am and I am looking forward to it. Words cannot describe how truly grateful I am for this moment. I took a huge leap of faith into this. I made sacrifices and struggled to finally have this opportunity to release my music. I took my time on this. Made so many songs and carefully chose the right ones for my first project. What you will hear is all me, and I’m very proud of that.

You inspired a lot of people with your story. You took the risk and moved to LA to chase your dreams. What’s your advice for people who are afraid to do this? 

I don’t want to sound cliche’ but if you are still dreaming then you need to take that leap. Since I was a little girl this has always been a dream of mine. From singing Christmas carols and church songs with my grandparents, singing the star spangled banner at 8th grade graduation when no one knew I could sing, and don’t even get me started about all the covers I did in college singing over my guitar. This has always been in me. Working at a regular job every day and finding time to sing at my kitchen table like I was singing on a stage. Dreaming every day. When I decided to move, I was leaving everything and everyone I knew. It was the hardest thing I would ever have to do. I knew that I would be alone and I knew that I would have to start over. What I ultimately found out is that you get to know yourself a hell of a lot more when you’re alone. You do more for yourself and find comfort in just being you, 100% unapologetically you.

How do you define your genre? 

This has always been difficult to pinpoint for me. All of my songs are inspired by different genres that I love. If I had to describe it I would say it’s a little RnB, Rock, Pop, and little bit of Hip Hop. 90s RnB has always been my favorite, soulful and sexy with a little attitude. That’s kind of what I like to think my music is. What I really wanted is for my music to be real, real life problems, real emotions, The things most of us go through on a daily. Life is not always perfect, and people have to know that it’s okay for it not to be. We all go through it and I wanted to share that part of me in my music.

Thank you for this interview and good luck with your new release. “Get Up” is out now! 

Thank you for interviewing me and giving me the opportunity to share about my journey in music. I hope you enjoy “Get Up” as much as I did making it.

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