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Mikhail Panferov speaks on why E-Commerce industry will drastically increase in the upcoming years.

E-Commerce forever changed the way we shop today. But is it going to change our future ?

People buy online every second of the day, as the world gets to battle with COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the e-commerce market has increased its profits as retailing industry declines. Today, you can buy anything you want with a quick online payment. From sports equipment to groceries. It can get delivered right to your door step without you even leaving your house.

How is COVID-19 going to affect e-commerce and the way people are going to do holiday shopping this year? Mikhail Panferov had an answer. 

As Mikhail Panferov stated: “ E-Commerce will go through the roof, especially these holidays with social distancing guidelines and most of the stores canceling black Friday, all people will do is shop online. I mean, this year alone I think E-commerce jumped couple years ahead of its own game”

People can buy their daily necessities in a matter of minutes and get it delivered to them the next day. How better could it get?  As Q4 gets closer, with COVID-19 Pandemic, demand of holiday shopping will bring E-Commerce ratings even higher than they already, 

What awaits us in the upcoming years? Mikhail Panferov sees the future as it is “I believe e-com is the biggest thing of the future, it is growing and will be even bigger. What happened to the market in Q2 is insane, it absolutely sky rocketed, people don’t see the back bone of what they buy. I advise people to evolve and build something they are passionate about, leave the path everyone is walking on and make your own and people will follow you.”

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