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Learn How to build Micro Brands and Market Them: EcomTrials Course by Adel Shqair

Learn How to build Micro Brands and Market Them: EcomTrials Course by Adel Shqair

 The world is becoming digital. Every person

 is inclined towards online shopping. US e-commerce sales have grown 14.9% in 2019 

That was a higher growth rate than 2018, when online sales reported by the


 Department rose 13.6% year over year. The

 number of people using social media to shop is growing day by day. With over 2 billion users using facebook daily, 20% of those are inclined to buy something from an Ad that comes on their timeline. That is the beauty of targeted marketing using Facebook ads

 to target a certain age, demographic, and sex for a certain product or service you are promoting.  People of every age group starting from an adolescent  to a senior citizen use social media to do everyday shopping, especially during these uncertain times.

 Every digital platform is coming with a new feature and is gaining popularity.

When people think of E-commerce, they think

 about the revenue and profits that they can earn from it. Now, your business can also be a leading brand by using these social media tactics.

A well known and highly skilled entrepreneur

 from New Jersey can help you scale your existing business or even can help you achieve online sale.  Adel Shqair (Instagram: adelshqair) is a 21-year-old entrepreneur that has built multiple online Six Figure businesses and taking the

 E-commerce industry by storm. He

 is building multiple six figure e-commerce brands while still being a full time university student maintaining a 3.7 GPA in Economics.

Adel has helped over hundreds of students in growing

 their E-commerce businesses. He is a great asset for many businesses that helps them generate high revenue and establish their online brands. Adel doesn’t just teach people high income skills, but also runs a marketing agency and has over 30 clients ranging

 from restaurants, beauty brands, and your local Mercedes- Benz dealership. A motive why Adel promoted building a brand instead of just drop-shipping random products is because when you build a brand it creates trust with your customers. In addition Venture Capitals

 have a thing for purchasing E-commerce Brands. With selling your brand you can 10x your investment and start on a new brand and keep doing that over and over. Adel was never a firm believer in courses he always liked to build connections with mentoring students.

 With many requests to build a course, Adel has finally given in and is launching his Micro Brand Course. Furthermore in this course you will learn how to do social media marketing along with targeted advertising for your product/service.  E-come Trials showcases how to build  micro branded stores with Shopify and advertise on social media using channels like Facebook, Instagram,

 Snapchat, and Google.  Along with a course filled with content that can generate high income he is also providing free tips and tricks on his youtube channel!

The course provided by Adel Shqair

 includes the following:

You will learn about how to find products that you can easily brand and scale. You will get

 help and assistance whenever you need it.

 How to set up a Shopify store just like he does and how to make an impressive page that

 converts well. You will be taught to make a product page that converts visitors into customers.

You will learn how to utilize strong advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat.

Adel is considered a master mind  in target advertising

 by his employees, his skills have generated business owners high numbers they never thought of achieving. 

Every business either a startup or an established

 business can generate higher numbers advertising on the platforms mention previously.

Many people think that starting a Facebook or Google

 Ad campaigns are easy. Expert guidance is needed when it comes to paying for ads. Invest in yourself and learn a high income skill this quarantine, you can reach adel by Instagram (@adelshqair) or email 

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