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The Los Angeles Tribune Summit Successfully Impacts Thousands

Sep 29, 2020 (AB Digital via COMTEX) — This past weekend the annual Los Angeles Tribune Leadership Summit was conducted live to a global audience reaching the tens of thousands. The two day event was designed to allow people from all over the world to connect directly with global thought leaders to gain insights into leadership principles in five subject categories. The five categories that the event covered were financial, mental, physical,relational and spiritual. The experiential event has already garnered massive positive feedback and considered one of the better leadership summits of the year.

The event featured over twenty speakers which included authors, doctors, lawyers, professors, humanitarians, philanthropists and more. One of the highlights of the event which went viral was when Emmy Award winner Del Bigtree was honored with a Courage in Journalism award he earned for his show The Highwire which has garnered tens of millions of viewers this past year in the midst of the global pandemic. Saturday’s live opening day of the event drew 20,000 live attendees which is the equivalent of the Staples Center in Los Angeles being completely sold out.

Global thought leaders and change agents joined the program to help make it possible by bringing their talents to the event that was centered around the theme of leadership, some notable names include Sharon Lechter, David Meltzer, Joe Ingram, Bill Janeshak, Gina Kegel, Victoria Brodsky, Lenee Cook Braxton, Caitlyn Mendoza, Holly Bartlow, Ray Alavi and Brenda Jones. The event was hosted by Goldy Locks of the Goldy Locks Band (who also performed) and executive produced by Dr. Natalie Forest with associate producer Anecia Sawyer.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Los Angeles tribune for putting this event on,” Sharon Lechter, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad said during her keynote speech about financial accumulation and the mindset of wealth at the event. Entrepreneur David Meltzer who is best known for being the basis in the film Jerry Maguire said during his floortime, “What the Los Angeles Tribune is doing is amazing. I’m grateful for their work in inspiring leaders.” The Publisher of The Los Angeles Tribune Moe Rock proclaimed, “Our intention was to make a real, tangible global impact transforming lives and as a team we accomplished exactly that. I consider this to be a 100% success and we are looking forward to continuing making an impact not only in southern California but the entire world.”

It has not yet been announced publicly when the next event will be or what general theme will be the basis. Follow The Los Angeles Tribune news for the latest updates on event schedules, availability and lineups on future proceedings.

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