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How this Startup is Creating Amazing Earning Opportunities During a Pandemic

There is no getting around it; COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our world and our economy. With millions filing for unemployment everyday and businesses closing their doors, for many opportunities seem dismal each passing day. Thousands of people formerly employed in retail, service and hospitality are finding it increasingly hard to find a job, keep a job or just get by. Work, especially remote work, is scarce with many companies cutting back on staffing and the increased demand for safer work environments. Throughout this storm, one startup is slowly becoming an up-and-coming and unstoppable force for tomorrow. It’s called STAR Team Agency.

What is STAR Team Agency you may ask? STAR Team Agency is a family-owned company founded in 2017 by Dr. Tricia Alampi, most commonly known as Dr. T and her husband Marc Alampi. Dr. T decided to let go of an opportunity to be a full-time college instructor to pursue a vision to help others be more independent. So, STAR Team Agency was born. STAR Team agency provides a unique, compassionate, and self-driven opportunity for people to work remotely with major brands and companies. STAR Team Agency who is often referred to as STAR by its many clients, is one of the first organizations to not only show people how to start a business, but provide earnings as they learn. STAR is the jumpstart to a unique chance to work while staying safe at home and earning a stable income. The model is simple. Come into STAR get coached and trained for a job, start working and earn a guaranteed pay and move on to do the same thing with your own company. That’s right! Career changers, stay-at-home parents and those simply looking to make ends meet can not only work but create a life-changing opportunity for themselves in the long run.

“People can come into STAR simply looking to supplement their income in the beginning or replace their income,” says Dr. T, “then they have the added opportunity to learn from our coaches and trainers. They can move on to having their own business and servicing their own clients. We refer to all of our program participants as STARS, because we help them bring the best out of themselves.”  STAR Team puts the help, support, and care behind assisting you in making your own business a reality.

In a time where the COVID Pandemic has put safety and health concerns on the front line of everyone’s mind and life. There is a solution – join STAR Team Agency! We have all been skeptical of work from home opportunities but STAR will change the way you view remote work. “We are primarily a training and coaching business,” says Marc, the CFO, “people come into STAR providing services to our clients first. They learn the ropes, they build their portfolio on different projects, they earn money and then we help them incorporate and continue working under their own business. In many cases people earn more money as an independent business.” STAR Team is going to guide you through a process that is self-driven and has full support and tools for success available to you. Your success is in your own hands and if you are a go-getter, and a highly motivated person, this opportunity is for you! The opportunities can be project based or hourly, which means you have flexibility to choose what is best for your work-life schedule. You have more control and you get to Earn and Learn at the same time. STAR Team truly creates phenomenal opportunities for those determined to succeed.

Details and how it works

The Client Service Business (CSB) program was developed by STAR to help people earn money to supplement or replace their income as well as help people transition to starting a business. This CSB program not only provides earning opportunities, with guaranteed hourly pay ranging from $12-$17/hr, but also growth potential you will often never find in a traditional job. Participants provide client support services for large corporations including contact center work like answering inbound calls, bookkeeping and offering product knowledge service. Participants can become coaches after providing service for minimum amount of time. “I have been involved with STAR Team Agency for almost a year now. Their focus is on your success! While that may sound cliche, it is quite true. They have created numerous tools and resources for training and coaching that help walk you through step-by-step to achieving your goals. They are passionate about their work and it shows through their dedication to seeing each and every one of their clients succeed. I would recommend STAR Team Agency to anyone who’s in the market for starting their own business, or a work-from-home job and much more.” says Jennifer Vandermark who started out as a CSB and now serves as an administrator.

Another important factor is experience and credentials. STAR has PR, marketing management for many companies and celebrities. On top of that STAR has an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and they hold the title of ‘one of the top places to work’. Lastly, I know you are wondering how do I get involved in this amazing opportunity? Visiting the website for starters, at
and you must complete an application. STAR will get back to you promptly as they are known for their top-notch and compassionate support. STAR continues to provide more forward-thinking opportunities. If you are looking for a top company, with positive minds and earnings to boot, check them out!

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